How would you change your home to fit your kintype?


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It doesn't have to be your full home but it can be. For example, if it were easier to find decorations like that then my entire room would probably look close to an aquarium or maybe a beach. Like a real beach too not just some statues of coral and a wallpaper with some generic beach background. Maybe something like the image below and a ton of sea stars, shells, and some aquatic looking house plants. And definitely a couple of sharks, dolphins, prehistoric sea creatures and alligators sprinkled in to make it feel a lot more homey.


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I already heavily theme my home, my living room is jungle themed with fake plants on the walls and vines on the curtain poles. The walls are bright leafy green with lots of toys and figures of various jungle creatures. I have some African ornaments and art which remind me of my theriotype's place of origin. I have leaf shaped canopies hanging over my bed. My bathroom and kitchen are themed like the sea. I have fishes on the walls and stuff. If I had the money I would build a house that was furnished like a zoo enclosure with hammocks and climbing frames. 

I would have dark walls and furnish my home with lots of cushy places to lay down, and of course tons of plants, bones and pelts. I also love those moon lights and glowing ceiling stars. Basically I'd want it to look like a dark fairy tale forest, that kind of aesthetic has always drawn me and brought out my kintype. As it is I have a dark room with lots of forest creature toys and some star lights on the ceiling. I keep an array of bones I've collected over the years on my shelf, and a bunch of medicinal plants outside. All these things make me feel more connected with nature, and some of them more specifically my theriotype.



We're gonna work on getting the second floor of our house worked on this year (it's been used as an attic but there's enough space to be a complete second floor, so we're gonna revamp it for the first time in like,, 100 years). After getting it finished up, I'm gonna be decorating it in ways that remind me of space and the desert. Probably paint the ceiling to be a galaxy, with the walls being painted to look like the desert. It'll be adorned in many plants, such as cacti, as well as rocks, incense, and taxidermy of all kinds. Can't wait to get it set up, honestly.

That room picture is AWESOME and as an orca I would love that, lmao. I'm not sure if I would decorate my bedroom entirely like that but that would be amazing to have a room half or fully dedicated to marine decorations and scenery. Maybe like a library or something? Idk. I'll figure it out someday when I have a house of my own I can fully decorate 😄

I do plan on someday decorating my bedroom, not necessarily in a way completely like my kintypes, but I guess related? I love the whole nature witch aesthetic, with lots of plants and tree branches and crystals, and cool rocks and dark wood and bottles/jars of cool naturey things. I have a huge thing for jars tbh lol. I'm also really into skulls, I'm not sure about owning a real skull, I'd want to make sure it's ethically sourced before buying one, and dont think I could handle cleaning one myself :c But I've heard deer shed their antlers every year and I would love to go out and collect those and use them for decoration!

Actually, I'm in the process of paper macheing a deer skull pencil/jewelry holder (cup section in the skull, antlers used to hold jewelry), though I stopped working on it when I got sick. I should start up on it again.

Another thing is I would LOVE to have a sort of den, like a little tent or something in the corner with a bunch of pillows and blankets and plushies and nice things, for whenever I feel shifty and want to escape from the world or just want to relax. If my bf and I end up moving in together I know he'll like that too, despite not being kin ^^



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I wish I could not have a bed, instead just a tent with pillows and a fake aquarium.~ and I would also have Christmas trees EVERYWHERE just so I could lay under them and drink tea.~



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Change it to a more Nordic kind of place. Fur here and there. Maybe get a huge field out in the back and in a snowy area. Just a normal small or decent sized house. Wolf statues of Geri, Freki, Skoll, Hati, and Fenrir. Raven statues of Huglin and Muglin. I wish for no bed but maybe just a fur rug or pelt or something for bed instead. Just. On the floor would be nice.



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Something like the room with the trees as bedpost but with the darker bedding in the other picture or something Skyrim like with the Skyrim dragon insignia bedding, fake plastic food on wooden plates and bowls, a old lantern and a few antique bookshelves

wolf theme bedroom decorating ideas-wolf theme bedrooms-native american forest theme bedrooms.jpg

WC - Bedroom DS 2_1.jpg

And some Skyrim like weapons in glass cases or shield and swords above the bed



I would like to have an open house with many windows, I'd love for a lot of sun to come in and I want to FEEL like my house isn't just a rock but an open space. I've been meaning to get more cottage core stuff because it is really soothing, fairy lights, and PLANTS. I want many plants and a minimalistic aesthetic, because I feel it would bring me so much peace in myself. I've been planning this out for once I move out and get my own house, I would also love to get some finches to care for, they make me so happy. I would also start my own personal library 🙂



more plants! and a change in color palette, the dream is all black and white, pink, purple, and sage green. 



I would, personally, paint my room completely black with an ocean on the bottom and a huge pine forest on the left hand side with stickers on the ceiling that look like stars and the moon that glow in the dark. I would paint dragons on the walls, tigers, and some fish in the ocean as well as deer and flying insects in the forest. I would add lots of crystals to my altarspace in my room and put up pictures of my family members as both a human and as a dragon. I would keep a small white bedside lamp beside of my bed with palm stones like ruby, black tormaline, pieces of labradorite, and small pieces of quartz and tumbled lapis with malachite everywhere. Maybe some large chunks of carnelian in the corners of the room. I would also like soft shag rugs on the floor during the winter and white braided ones during the summer so I could change out the decor. I think there would be a cat tower for my cat by the window and one in the corner next to the dresser and a tall bookcase would hold books, more crystals, and a private collection of various specimens that I'd collected throughout my world travels and/or small treasure chests filled with my jewelry, tarot cards, oracle cards, and Reiki stones and massage stones and wands.



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This question is fun! I love the spectrum of different answers so far.

For my home, I'd paint the walls and ceiling a dark wine color, add blackout curtains to all the windows, and replace all of the light switches with dimmers. I'd replace most of the furniture with squishy, comfy chairs and couches. I'd get a liquor cabinet and keep it stocked with ingredients and glassware. And of course, I'd make a lot of changes to my bedroom.

What beautiful glimpses into your hearts, kin! I hope for all of you the chance to make your domain truly yours--to be creative and to implement these desires!

As of now... my home is pretty well suited for me! I am deep in the woods, with many windows and white walls which reflect the light into the interior. I have an upstairs and a downstairs; the downstairs is where we live and do most of our hosting and the upstairs is guest space... it's sort of a "mother in law" suite with a small kitchen and private bathroom and livingroom.
My home is full of plants and stones and bones, comfy chairs and loads of pillows and blankets.

We are slowly slowly undertaking the process of painting--the front livingroom, with its bay window and view of the creek downvalley, is now a vibrant spring green. We keep a nook in the front window with table and cushy chairs and all of our vining plants to have breakfast and long talks in. Every day we can, we bring our coffee and breakfast and kitties and dog up to that bay window to relax and talk for hours while we cuddle the critters.

We also have a second livingroom which is connected to the kitchen and the master bedroom. The Front Livingroom is where we host more 'public' guests, or hold parties, or invite people for meditation or reading or music. The second livingroom is where we take our own dinners and have more 'private' guests to play boardgames, watch movies, etc. We sort of gave up on entertaining Close Friends in the front livingroom because we ALL end up in the kitchen and that's sorta where we stay lol. There is a fireplace in each livingroom, so most of our gatherings end up closely tied to the crackling fire and warm food.

The kitchen is long, with nice counterspace and a connected 'dining area' at the very back of the house. It's really all the same room lol. The table is a HUGE wooden table, suitable for 8-10 persons, with loooong bench seating on the sides. We keep half of it open for seating and eating, and the other half is covered in plants and stones and bones and instruments. We often grab and instrument and fiddle around with it in the downtime between cooking tasks. It's just nice to have a hangdrum or a horn or a shaker always at arm's reach!

If anything... I look forward to installing floating wall shelves to hold more plants, painting the bedroom a soft dreamy purple, installing more huge mirrors on strategic walls to invite more light into the inner spaces, and framing a lot of photos of our loved ones and beautiful views of nature! We recently got a loooooooaaaaaaad of picture frames... we just need to do the work to hang them all! I would also like to install floating mounts to hold instruments like guitars, and to hold our small collection of swords and bows and other weaponry. 🙂



You know those glow in the dark ceiling stars? I'd buy stock in those, and make sure every ceiling in my house was covered. Or maybe it would be better to use glow in the dark paint to paint stars on the ceiling, cause at least paint won't fall down on your head and scare the hell out of you like those stars do.