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I TOLD MY MOMMM!!! AND SHE THOUGHT IT WAS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!  AND SHES GONNA LET ME MAKE MY OWN FURRY SUITT!! I TOLD HER ABOUT THE FURRY COM AND THE OTHERKIN/THERIAN!!! IM GONNA SHOW HER SOME PICTURES. SO IF YOU CAN, SEND ME PICTURES OF YOUR THERIAN GEAR!! :Howl: :BeHappy: 💖 ( ik they are different I'm not dumb lol) I meant I told her about them and explained them to her. Not as one. And please don't refer to me as "dear" thanks :3

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...What? Otherkin and furries aren't the same thing, dear. It's great that your mom accepts you, though.
Not sure what kinds of pictures we'd send you.

In that case you can just use google, there's no shortage of fursuit pics out there. While there are otherkin/therians that are furries (I'm one of them), they're not the same thing, and not everyone has those kinds of pics

That's aweosme!!! :heartu:  I'm glad your mom is accepting of you! Tell her she's an awesome mom for me, lol. What pics exactly are you wanting? I have plenty of random aesthetic pics if that helps :laughu:



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Congratulations, it is nice to hear that she was understanding and receptive. I too will note, just as others have above, the furry, otherkin, and therian communities are not all one in the same; one can be a furry and not a therian and vice versa, @oliver. If you haven't already explained the differences between each to her, it might help to do so in a future conversation and elaborate on what makes you who you are at the same time. Mixing them altogether otherwise sort of perpetuates a stereotype and makes it less clear what each really is.