I need some prank ideas!


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Okay, guys! So I'm going to be house-sitting for my parents very soon, and every time I house sit for them for an extended time, I play a prank on them. To give you an idea of the kind of pranks I like to play, I'll tell you what I've done before. July a few years ago, they were gone for over a week, so while they were away I decorated the house for Xmas, baked and decorated Xmas cookies, and left Xmas music playing before I went to work on the day they came home. When they went on a trip last year, I took some of their clothes out of their closet and set them up in their respective chairs at the dining table like they were sitting in them and left that for them to find.

My main rules are that no one gets hurt and no resulting property damage, and it has to be something I can set up in advance and leave for them because I'm working the day they get home.

My best idea right now is to get a bunch of toy dinosaurs and put them all over the house: on bookshelves, in cabinets, in potted plants, on bathroom sinks, basically anywhere random as long as my dog can't get at them.

Anybody got any bright ideas for me? :D


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Not the newest, but I know there’s one that involves sticking a photo of Nicholas Cage’s head on all the photos in the house.

Never done it myself, and some people have said it’s taken other months to find all of them.