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Important Notice

@Alynna has been given full admin rights (same access as me). She was an original founder of Kinmunity and has stepped up to help with a lot of things. I am going through a lot in my personal life right now and I no longer wish to be the public face of the site. My notority and "fame" if you will has gone to my head, and has caused serious problems with the two people I love more than anything in this world, among other things. I am transferring day-to-day operation of the site to her at this time.

My role will shift from main community administrator to a more behind-the-scenes role. I will be responsible for adding new features, handling back end stuff, and any safety & security concerns. I will also be assisting @Alynna as needed.

Thank you for understanding.


Yerf, I'm a fox
Heloo everyone :) Ok now I really need to give a better intro. I am at work so I will be giving a better intro shortly.