Important question about existence.

So as someone who has realized my true calling as a being on this beautiful world, I have come out as transgender and a kitsune-kin after much thought. However, the biggest question I have...

Since I have regrettably existed as a human and have been protected by the governmental human rights act in my country, as I have come to accept myself being Female Kitsune, am I invalid for the Human Rights act as I am no longer human? Please answer as soon as possible.


Holy Birb
Otherkin are human for all biological and legal purposes. Your spiritual or psychological identification has no bearing on your legal status. At least, I haven't heard of any anti-otherkin laws in existence.


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Fact is, even though you've come to accept a non-human identity, you're still exactly as biologically human as you were before, and you still qualify for all the rights and protection under the law that you qualified for before you accepted you non-human identity. Point being, for legal and medical purposes, your human body, which will remain human, still qualifies you as human, which will greatly simplify any type of medical transition you may choose to do for your gender in the future. ^_^