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IMs, Chat OPs, and Auto Confirmation (oh my!)

Instant Messaging

The instant messaging feature that debuted with Wulf Howl and somehow never managed to carry over to the new version on Kinmunity is now back. You'll be able to send instant messages to users that you follow on the site. This simple feature was requested by many in the form of private messages, Discord DMs, and contact requests; now it's back!

Chat Operators

Kinmunity is looking for chat operators. Chat operators assist our staff team by:

  • processing the instant messenger abuse report queue.
  • moderating our Discord server.
  • responding to messages on Kinmunity's social media pages (approved ChatOPs only)
To apply, send me a private message!


As Kinmunity grows, I have been seeing more and more attempted abusive signups. The vast majority of them have been caught by our security measures, but I have had to go back and manually ban several of them. With the instant messaging system and Discord server running how it is, it occurs to me that an abusive user that slips through the cracks could probably create a lot of disruption there as opposed to the rest of the site (where various various content screening is in place, as well as an auto-moderator that can take action on frequently reported content).

I have never been a fan of manually approving registrations, so this is the middle ground. Starting today, users must meet a set of criteria for their account to be automatically confirmed. Accounts that are not confirmed will not be able to use live chat and messaging services and will have limitations placed on their private messenger. The criteria required for confirmation is low enough to not cause a lot of headache, but high enough that there's little return on investment for abusive people.


  • Your account must be at least seven (7) days old.
  • You must have posted at least fifteen (15) pieces of content.
  • You must have a reputation score above five (5).
Once you meet criteria, you will be automatically confirmed by our system; your restrictions will be lifted and you will be able to participate on our live chat services. Users who joined prior to today have had their account set to confirmed status.



Hey, is it just me and my distorted memory or did the bone shop disappear? 

Was just curious if it was because of the update