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In need of some help

starlit wilt

New member
Ok, so I’m a questioning fictionkin(won’t say who I think I am yet cause I’m not quite sure yet and don’t wanna jump to conclusions). I don’t have any strong memeories of my past self(then again I have a really horrid memory and can’t remember stuff past a year), however I’ve felt a very strong connection to the character for quite a while now, long enough for me to know it’s not a hyperfixation from my adhd. Another thing is whenever I see the character I get slightly embarrassed yet comfy. So anyway, my question(s) is: am I still able to be fictionkin without memories, and how can I be sure of who I was without em if possible?


Yes! You don't need memories to be kin, fictionkin included! Even if you believe your kin is a past life --keep in mind, this isn't the only origin, there are other spiritual and even psychological theories-- you don't need memories.

You should keep a journal. Make a few notes on how you feel when you see that character. Keep track of little things that happen during the day; mental, phantom, and other shifts that may happen. You can even look into the history on your kin in question if it's available and feel it out. At the end of the day, if it feels right and feels like you, then you'll get your answer.

I'm not sure anyone can ever be 100% about anything that they don't have undeniable proof of. For instance, I identify as a wolf (therian) but I've come to a place where I'm comfortable knowing that I'll never have concrete proof. The best we can do is work with ourselves to get to a point where we're comfortable wih how we identify ourselves.

I'm not fictionkin myself, so this is the best advice I can give. I hope you figure everything out and that your journey of self discovery goes well. No matter what happens, you are you and we'll all love and accept you the same. Good luck and keep at it. <3


A Lizardy Cat
Staff member
Community Manager
I agree with what Avanmora has said. Not everyone will have memories and it's perfectly fine not to.

Some people find meditation helps, however if you try too hard to seek out memories you run may also run the risk of creating false memories.
It may be that things just come to you in time, but if not that's ok. Many otherkin/fictionkin don't have memories. Being therian/otherkin/fictionkin is how we identify now, in this current life. So while memories can be interesting, they're not needed and there are many different reasons people believe they are otherkin/fictionkin.

As for figuring out exactly who your fictoype is, that is something which may come clearer in time. You may find that memories come to you, or certain feelings/emotions/shifts help push you towards a certain character. And researching into the source is always useful to see if anything in particular seems familiar, right, or wrong. Just take your time with things, there is no rush to find all the answers.
It's also worth bearing in mind the possibility of not being a specific character. For example I identify as an argonian from The Elder Scrolls games, however I don't feel I'm a character from the games, just a member of that race. Many things from the games and lore elicit very strong emotions or feelings of familiarity in me. I feel I fit into the world and believe I am argonian, but I don't feel I was ever seen/mentioned in the games or lore specifically.

Edit: Oh, and it may be worth looking into kith/fiction-hearted as well, since feeling a connection to a certain character or fiction could point towards that as well. Always good to explore all of the options. :)
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