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I've been learning how to play acoustic guitar (slowly but surely... I usually have to wait until I can go to my Uncle's house since I don't own a guitar ;c)

I used to be able to play the song 'Three Blind Mice" on the piano, but I honestly haven't touched a piano in long long time.

I love love looooove drums with all my heart.



Used to play the french horn! Would love to pick up guitar sometime soon, and it'd be a dream come true to own and / or play a Hurdy-Gurdy, as well as a bowed lyre.

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I played flute when I was in elementary school, and I tried to learn acoustic guitar but utterly failed. Nowadays I'd rather play the angle grinder, jigsaw or welding machine :biggrinderg:

If anything, I think drums would fit me best. I've heard insane drum performances, but I also visited a Samba festival in 2017 and was totally fascinated both by the sound and the level of organisation. The most awesome performance was "Como vento", here's a nice video of them if you'd like to get the impression (fast forward to 4:43 to skip the warm-up).



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I love playing the piano, and I am learning how to play my guitar better!  I prefer the piano though, personally its just more soothing.



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I can't play anything right at the moment. I have a friend who plays violin and I'd like to learn that, too, I also kinda want to learn guitar and banjo. Sitar would be cool too. 

I played the trumpet for 8 years throughout my school years. Haven't touched it much since then, but can still pick it up and play it just fine. I miss having a band to play with :<



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I play the keyboard (and piano too.  They're basically different versions of the same instrument) as well as the acoustic guitar.

As for instruments I wish I played, the only real example I could think of would be the drums.  But it turns out that a drumkit is way beyond a college student sized budget, plus I don't have anywhere to put the damn thing so . . . yeah.

I played the keyboard(and piano) and even took lessons.  I love the way the piano sounds along with the saxophone, flute, violin, guitar and drums. I would love to learn how to play the drums, guitar and continue learning to play the piano.