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Introduce Yourself!


New member
Hello everyone! I am a polymorph. I would like to see if there is anyone that would like to chat. Possibly someone near where I live that would maybe be willing to meet up! So go ahead and introduce yourself!! And if you're comfortable, let us know where you live, and maybe we can find nearby friends 🙂 And if you have questions for a polymorph, feel free to ask!

I am a polymorph, which means I can morph into different forms, but I have no true form of my own. Some forms come very easily to shift into and others are much more difficult, if not impossible. Some of my more natural shifts are a wolf, a faun/satyr, a squirrel, a rabbit, and many others! The easiest is definitely a wolf, which is funny because I've never been a huge lover of wolves. But you get what you get, I guess! I'm 24, female, and would love to find others in my area near Boise, ID!



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Genderfluid Pride
Nine years old is way too young to be giving out your location or to talk about meeting people from online. Please don't do that. 

I do not retract because on some other forums I’ve read that it is very painful and possibly fatal.
I also have no idea what you're talking about here. Retract what and how? If you're talking about phantom limbs I can't think of anything you could do with them that would be fatal, unless someone actually tried to use phantom wings to fly off a building. 



Just a small town boy born and raised in south Detroit. Jk I’m from small town Missouri. I have always felt like I was not entirely human. Though I accept my physical form as a human I really have always felt like I was something else, nay something more! I knew I was part hedgehog and part frog. I AM A HEDGEFROG!!! 

My name's Dastri (or is at least the name I'm trying out). I'm trying out it and dat/data/dataself as pronouns. I may be techkin, but I have no idea. I'm 17 and part of a DID system, they have no idea how to help me out with not feeling human!

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A longma (dragon-horse hybrid) from the Netherlands (That is in Europe, next to Germany) here. Nice to meet you all!



Astral skydancer
Staff member
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Asexual Pride
Haaa, I somehow figured that you were from Europe by reading your posts, @Henk! As I always say, I'm a western dragon and celestial spirit who protects life and nature on Earth. That's why I call myself a Guardian Dragon. Just your average huge blue glowing reptile beast, haha. I'm from Germany, great to meet you!



Machairodont Felid
It has been a while since I shared this but I will play along and give a brief introduction yet again in the spirit of this topic.

I am from the United States and have lived in or been to virtually every portion of the continent's general geographic regions. I have no particular name and only assume titles or descriptors instead as the concept of a "name" is as foreign as it comes to me; I understand I have something I am called but I haven't any recollection or knowledge of what that was and I am highly skeptical it would translate into anything meaningful in any human language. I have had experiences with the manifestation of various astral, psychological, spiritual, and phantom elements of my type for as long as I have recollection of, and my species has always been that of a sabertooth cat, specifically Smilodon populator. I generally regard my situation as a form of reincarnation and that I was granted purpose to be here again in life despite past experiences.

I spend most my time reading and or writing to some extent and form, with my hobbies ranging from theology to psychology to the wilderness itself and outdoorsmanship, and my being is highly integrated with my life. I tend to be opinionated albeit wizened and well experienced and my background is martial in nature. As far as fun little details go, I am a "Lawful Neutral" personality according to an alignment chart, living by an uncompromising code and ethos, as well as being an extroverted introvert - I can speak to and regularly engage with people, feigning it for as long as I need, but people are highly taxing in terms of energy.



Active member
I'm Snow, I'm a cat therian! I'm from St. Louis Missouri, am a vet tech, and 25. I do art as a hobby and I am really big on rock climbing/hiking.