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Introducing Philters

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Jul 18, 2016.

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    If you’ve been in Kinmunity’s chatroom or Discord server for an extended period of time, you probably know all about Philters. Philers are items that give certain elements of your profile special effects. The philters we’re releasing now will work on your user title, but future Philters will work on all sorts of things! Philters can also be mixed with other Philters, depending on their type, to create all sorts of different combinations. You can see how this works below:
    • Type A philters are bold, italic, or underline effects. Type A philters can be mixed with any other philters, including other Type A philters.
    • Type B philters are color effects. Type B philters can be mixed with any other philters, except for other Type B philters.
    • Type C philters are glow effects. Type C philters can be mixed with Type A and Type B Philters only.
    • Type D philters are shadow effects. Type D philters can be mixed with Type A and Type B Philters only.
    Note: If you buy multiple Type B, C, or D Philters, the Philter you bought most recently will take priority, unless you set all Philters in your inventory to inactive, minus the one you wish to use at the moment.

    And for those who prefer visuals, here is what the Evil Philter looks like applied to myself:

    You can buy Philters at the KinCash shop. They last sixty days after purchase, and then they expire! We'll even have special holiday Philters and other promotions!

    Hint: Philters work great in combination with the title change potion!

    ps. All 'original' philters, excluding seasonal and ultra rare have been added.

    pps. Glow and shadow effects normally won't go well together, and you should probably avoid mixing them.
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