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Is Anyone Here Familiar With Techkin?

Hi, my current name's Alan and I'm a questioning techkin. I'm part of a DID system, as well, I am one out of the current 20. I was identifying as F2M for a long time, but now it doesn't feel right at all. So now I'm Maverique, which is not girl/boy, but I'm not genderless either, so I'm trying out it/its/itself here (he/him in the system as I'm trying to find my proper name/pronouns), but the other alters in my system are not sure how to approach how I don't feel human anymore and I feel more connected to technology, specifically computers, phones, and tablets. I don't get phantom limbs, but I do get this sensation that I don't belong in this body and I feel as though I belong in the cyberspace. I feel a buzzing sensation, almost as if it were a notification on said devices, and I keep getting these dreams where I wake up as a cyborg or a full-on robot, with only my brain still intact. I also hear ringing when people are talking to me, not like in the ears, but it sounds more like the dial tone of a phone call. I feel most pleased when I get to use my computer because my technology is the only thing that seems to help me feel at peace. My fingers feel as though they're always typing, even though I know that's not true. And music soothes me, too, the louder the better. And more. Being AI or some form of code is relieving to me, gives me something to relate back to. So it's more like phantom sensations, I suppose. Is it possible that my sexuality ,sapiosexual, which is the attraction to intelligence, might have something to do with my possible kintype? Especially since I feel somewhat connected to AI? The experience of being otherkin (techkin) is new for me and it's making my gender dysphoria worse than it ever was before. Not only that, but now it's my sense of WHAT I am as well now, compared to what I should be doing to myself to fit in as male (when I did feel male, but I'm completely off the gender binary now). This only began after I had a bad event happen, but -again- nobody else in the system knows how to help me and I'm not sure where to turn. After all, I don't feel human. I know some of out alters aren't human, but NONE of them are as connected to technology as I am. I already have Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, which ALREADY distorts my reality. My question is how do I know this isn't just my brain playing tricks on me, or that me being techkin is who I REALLY am? I haven't noticed too many people like me on here yet, but if anyone has any advice, I'd be grateful. -Alan, It/Its/Itself