Is it weird I like watching otherkin cringe comps?


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Honestly I feel like the best way to understand yourself is to just sometimes sit back and laugh at yourself from time to time. I get that supporting videos like that may do more harm than good but sometimes I just wanna chuckle at a bunch of kids howling like a gaggle of idiotic beagles sometimes. That and not every video on these completions is full cringe. Honestly it saves me time digging through YouTube looking for kin videos when I can get like 12 of them in one short click

Don't murder me please it's just a weird pastime I have

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It's not weird... I personally just hate and avoid anything to do with cringe videos of any kind. I'm a sensitive person with a long history of being called out as cringy for many reasons, even making it onto Kiwi Farms at one point, which have brought me to being suicidal. However...... I would also be a hypocrite for calling someone weird for something they like that I'm not into. So, again no, I don't think you're weird or a bad person for finding humor with otherkin cringe I just don't anything to do with that sort of stuff. I wish I wasn't bothered by cringe compilations and I envy those who walk in the same shoes as mine that can enjoy a good laugh without getting offended by material that makes fun of them. But I stick with my gut and will not support the production of things of that nature and will continue to be bitter and resentful towards stuff like that. It's what feels right for me, it's what I feel makes me stronger and respectful towards myself.

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I've actually watched a few too. Not very often, as I don't like supporting those channels (and the comments make me sad tbh) but sadly I've found it a bit difficult to find actual kin-related content, so to have it organized in a compilation is quite convenient. Even if I don't like the purpose of the compilations and the video makers' views towards the kin community, I actually unironically enjoy the videos/people featured. Not in a cringe way, I find them genuinely entertaining. 

I used to watch some as a younger kid, but I absolutely hate and despise "cringe culture."  The idea of making fun of people because they're doing something different, that they probably enjoy, is horrid and disgusting to me.  It's always fun to have a laugh with friends, or with people, but laughing at them is never a good thing.  I've been teased, made fun of, and bullied my whole life to detrimental states because of things that make me "cringy."  I don't find them entertaining whatsoever, and I pity the poor souls of those who make the videos, as they thrive on making fun of other people.  That can't be healthy.  

I also just don't understand why people would ever hurt anyone else to the point of them being in an awful state, even if it was "just for laughs."  I would be terrified to find myself responsible for someone feeling that way, or even worse, any actions that might result.  ~ Cameron, The Saccharine System



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I like lookin at em sometimes cause it's funny to roll my eyes when these people can't tell satire/sarcasm from sincerity.

And I actually once showed up in an otherkin cringe comp! My post was the first in the video, and my post was (I thought) pretty clearly satire. I had a pretty good laugh at that, haha (I might be able to find & link it if you wanna see)



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Nah, I like googling that stuff to. Between satire taken seriously, or, in extream cases, what not to do (such as shoving your identity everywhere and claiming you get special privileges from it), I just enjoy being able to laugh at myself, especially since all this kin stuff can be stressful for me sometimes. 



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I will admit I've done the same things with tumblr blogs where if I've caught wind of kin drama or whatever, I'll take a peek just to see what people are saying and doing. Sometimes it's funny to get a chuckle from folks with outlandish behavior, like if they remind you of a younger version of yourself. Hell, I can relate to some of these folks because I was kinda "cringy" in my younger days of being awoken as kin, too, but I've never watched cringe comps. I've never watched a 'normal' cringe comp, for that matter, those two words just make the experience soured from the start. 

For me, personally, I think it's different to stumble across a piece of content like a video or a blog and peruse it on its own for my own entertain it than it is to partake in something that someone compiled for the express purpose of poking fun at someone else. I don't think you're bad for doing it, though, and I don't think it's objectively wrong to engage with. I definitely get what you're saying, though, that it's much easier to watch all of those videos in said cringe comp than trying to click around and find them. I can totally see it for the ease factor.

I'm personally just unwilling to engage with something that's meant to be malicious like that. I don't want to support that kind of behavior. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.



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The only times I've watched cringe compilations, the people in them looked like they were having tons of fun and it made me wanna do what they were doing.



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I never looked at such videos before, but I peeked into three or four now, just to get an idea what we're talking about. I saw people running around in gear, a girl with a tail chasing birds in a public park (not a good idea if you ask me), two little girls fighting each other wolf-like (gosh, I did a pretty decent amount of fighting with my best friend as a kid.. but why on earth do you have to put this online?), people playing like cats, people talking about their identity. I didn't enjoy watching this to be honest. I totally second the opinion of @LunaSilvermoon. I don't find it entertaining or funny or even informative to watch people practically making fools of themselves. Now don't get me wrong: I have no problem with people doing what they like to do as long as they don't hurt or disturb others. But the videos I've seen seem to be made to make fun of them, discredit them or make them look crazy. That's nothing I would watch, and it's certainly no good for the otherkin community. I think we'd be better off without these videos.



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I just wanted to step in and say that pretty much everyone has had a “cringy” time in their lives, but (forgive me for waving my cane like I have one lmao) back when I was younger, we didn’t have the means to upload things like that to the internet (and people older than me didn’t have an internet in the first place). These days, those childish antics are uploaded by kids because they have that kind of access, and a natural aspect of the internet is that people who don’t have anything better and enjoy laughing at dumb stuff kids do create cringe compilations.

I hate watching cringe-anything because it makes me wildly uncomfortable, always has. Even if it’s listening to people prank calling businesses, it just bothers me. Even if it’s people pretending to be wolves running around howling. I just hate it and I avoid cringe compilations like the plague. It’s just sucky that kids have no real idea of the consequences of sharing things to the degree they do (and I say that as someone who grew up with the internet and overshared), because no matter how much you tell them it could come back to bite them, it’s not gonna sink in until their video is part of a cringe comp or being featured on some randos YouTube channel and 30k people have watched it to laugh at it.

Anyway, I’m climbing off my aging soapbox, haha.



I don't think it's weird, you do you. I watch otherkin cringe comps sometimes (though very rarely, and if it's somehow monetized then I'm definitely not going anywhere near it), but not because I go to laugh at them for being "cringy," but because I really enjoy this community and it is definitely easy to find a lot of videos by clicking on a compilation like that instead of trying to search far and wide for one decent video on the subject.

  Cringe comps in general, though? They also make me highly uncomfortable because they're shaming people who do nothing wrong except be different from the creator, and to me that's just really close-minded and frankly disgusting. Watching one for a good laugh in private or something occasionally is understandable, but I'm speaking specifically at people who waste their time on creating harmful videos (or other such content) on innocent people just to publicly make fun of them for just doing the harmless thing they love and having fun. It can seriously damage people's self-esteem, especially if they're children, which is what most cringe comps contain. As a child my creativity was destroyed through cringe comps and people similar to those creators, so I can't tell what damage it'd have on the kid who was actually showcased in the video to be visibly laughed at and made fun of.