Is there any good ways to discover memories for a fictionkin?

starlit wilt

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So I’m still questioning wether I’m a fictionkin or not, but I was wondering if there’s any good ways to discover any memories for fictionkin? I’ve been watching the show with my fictionkin in it and keeping a record of my emotions, but the emotions seem random but not, such as a scene where a character and me are feeling happy that watchthru, but emotionless The next for me. So yeah, emotions pretty unreliable so yeah I’m wondering even then if there’s any chance of me being able to discover memories?


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One way that I usually discover memories is reading fanfics that include my kin and see if any scenes seem familiar to me. I don’t know how it may be for other but this has been my most reliable say.
honestly, i've found meditation to be a huge help! comparing memories to works of media (as stated by the others above) can be hella rad too, i'd also recommend talking with others who share your source about their memories to get a general sense of what “feels right” and what doesn't. but for memories where the minds of others can't reach, meditation is the most consistent method for me! i'm not very good at focusing, but in my experience guided meditation usually is more of a hindrance than a help. what i do personally (a method taught to me years ago by my fictionkin friend) is to lie down in my bed or sit properly in a comfortable chair and close my eyes, focusing on nothing. then, i “open” them in my mind, and picture a looooong long staircase with a door at the bottom, an indeterminate amount of steps away. as i walk down that staircase, feature by feature i morph into the form i'm trying to get memories for, seeing the little differences, like the shape of my hands and nails, to the feeling and weight of my horns, to the texture of my skin. focus on each of these changes, both big and small, until you can consistently hold that form. sometimes certain features will shift back, the key is to keep trying until your form changes completely, where you can feel one of your features has shifted that you didn't even think about! by that time, you should have been able to almost fully descend the stairs, able to discern things about the door at the bottom like its shape, colour, and handle. once you feel ready, get to the end and open the door, and you'll see a place familiar to your kin. if you step through the doorway and let it disappear behind you, you might experience a memory! usually in first person, but i've heard of others who get theirs in third person, or a weird mix of the two. it takes some practice, sometimes i open the door to pure darkness or even another set of stairs lol, but when it works it's an extraordinary experience! if you have trouble focusing like i do, i'd recommend making a playlist of music related to your character from the source, or simply songs that remind you of them, and listen to that while you do it! or even stimulate your other senses! once when i was trying to get memories from the moons of prospit, i brewed some honey-lemon tea since that's what i remembered it smelling like. i drank it slowly before meditation, and let the aftertaste guide me down to my memory, and it helped a lot!

tl;dr meditation is rad, find some form of it that works for you!!! i hope this can aid you on your memory-seeking journey >:]


I found a way that works for me is that I take the elements of what I am suspecting is my kintype (only one right now and i have done this only once, but it clicked.) and I tell a story off the top of my head, no prep. I have found that It flows naturally and feels relatable if it really is your kintype, and it may feel like you have experienced what you are saying in a way. I got to a point where I cried without shedding tears.