Is Water Wet??!!


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I have heard so many people talk about this, some say its only wet when the water touches something, others say that It is wet, why wouldn't be wet?  what do you think? Is it wet or is it not??

Personally, water is not wet.  It only makes objects wet.  For example, if you were to pour water on your clothes, it would only make the clothes itself wet, not the water. When you say that water is wet, its like saying that air is dry, air is not dry it only makes things dry. Sooooo, water is not wet. 

What ya'll think?



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@Curious Canine @Catums I just died XD    First off, I made this thread bc its a dumb question that people seem to argue about quite often. And second, I mean it is Chit Chat sooo..... since it is not vulgar material, I can post it  😜

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Watch the whole video if you can!

TL;DW - water IS wet, because of strong tetrahedral hydrogen bonding - and that's not just from opinion or semantics, that's from science.

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