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I'm not sure where to post this... I just want someone who works for the website, like an admin., to see this.   There is this weird thing that is happening to me when I try to post things.  e.g. When I was posting my latest blog entry, I started typing the title.  However, after  finished the title, I scrolled down, however, it wouldn't scroll to far, it would stop and then restart the website, so then all of my progress was deleted.  This has happened so much, and so frequent that I have gotten to the point, that I start copping all of my work, or write what I want to say on Word or something.  And it even happened when I was creating my signature.  

this never happened before.  It is a new thing that I have seen...  It started maybe a month ago, but I never came around to talk about it.  It just reminded me, because I was writing a blog post, and right before I was going to post it, it restarted and deleted all my work *cri*  So yeah... has this happened to anyone else?  And hopefully it can be fixed  :GrinandWiggle:



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This sort of topic belongs in Bug Reports, but I can’t move this topic there, so if you could copy this and paste it into a thread over there, that would be great. It helps us keep track of bugs all in one place, which is why we’d like this over there.

Thank you!  :heartj:

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