It's all Greek to me


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I know this is something I've asked about before, But it's been a while, and the makeup of the site has changed a lot.

So, does anyone here follow, worship, or otherwise care about the Greek and/or Roman pantheon? I'm curious how your thoughts might compare to my own.


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I'm very familiar with both the Greek and Roman pantheons, having studied the mythologies a lot over the years.

I'm fascinated by the goddesses; particularly Athena, Artemis and Hekate (although she's arguably not technically Greek). And I've worked/worshipped with Hekate specifically.


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I'm actually surprised how quickly people replied to this. Please keep replying if you follow any Greek gods; for some reason people seem to stop posting after I reply to my own threads but the more the merrier.

@Lemonadelance Have you and I discussed Apollo before? Suffice to say I'm interested in him.
I don't technically worship the Greek gods specifically - soft polytheism - but I have invoked them for specific spells and prayers, and thus sacrificed to them afterward in thanks. So... yes and no xD
Poseidon probably the most often, though honestly that's mainly because I get seasick very easily and whenever I feel like there's even a chance of being seasick I pray to Poseidon for mercy and offer him libations of milk in exchange for holding off my seasickness. It's worked pretty well so far xD

I've also been known to pray to Zeus, Aeolus, and other assorted wind and weather gods for their respective weather patterns, Tyche for luck (especially during D&D sessions), and occasionally Ares if I'm really struggling with physical strength/activity and need a physical boost. There are probably other examples, but those are the most common ones I invoke just because of how the situations I'm in usually play out.


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Cripes, @Rani, how could I have forgotten about Poseidon!?!

I tended to speak to him while at the shore when I was younger. Nothing major, just saying hi and thanking him and then playing in the waves. It was never a close relationship, because at the time, I was Christian, and since becoming pagan I haven't felt called or reached out to him specifically. However, as far as favorite gods goes, he's up there on my list!


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I knew this thread would be useful :)

I guess I should share mine too; I talk about it enough that I figured people knew. But for those who don't, I have an interesting relationship with Pan. Short version: my theory is that we had a very close relationship in my past life. In this life, I like to say I'm a "follower" of him.

I think it's also worth noting that I set up a temporary altar to Aphrodite just this morning and gave her a Hershey's Kiss as an offering - not my usual favorite goddess, but I'm feeling more connected to her recently and it's Valentine's Day, so if I'm not going to acknowledge and thank her today then when am I? xD