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I've been experiencing many time glitches. What does this mean.

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The Dragon

I've been experiencing many time glitches. What does this mean. i am unsure of if to join this community but im a dragonkin and ive experienced every time glitch from time reversing around me for a minute to 2 minutes passing in 2 seconds to countless dreams about the future to a dream about a dimension parallel to this one that i supposedly once existed in to temperarily exiting this dimension for a few moments into the void.



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I'm unsure of what you mean by a time glitch. I assume you mean a hole in your memory? 

If it is a memory blank or such, I recommend seeing a doctor. I get bad memory lapses from time to time, to the point where recently I lost 5 hours of my day. If it means anything else, could you please elaborate?

Regardless of these time glitches, all otherkin are welcome here and dragonkin are no exception, so if you wish to join then you can go ahead 😛



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The occasional dream about the future is not a big deal. I've met many people who get those from time to time, and I occasionally get them myself. I've always suspected that time is not as simple as it appears. 

Time reversing is not one that I've heard of. Feeling like time is passing faster or slower is not a very uncommon situation as human minds are flexible like that. Traveling to other dimensions is a bit trickier as there is no available way to confirm this. (I think I may have done that myself once, but as there is no way to know for sure, it had no impact on my daily life.) 

If these time distortions are interfering with your daily life then I second having a doctor look into them. You are currently in possession of a human brain and human brains can sometimes have seizures that produce these kinds of effects. Not to mention certain substances. I wouldn't mention the dragon part to a neurologist, and I'd preface my concerns with "I feel like X is happening," rather than be absolutely adamant about time messing up around you. That way they focus solely on the problem at hand. 

I'd also like to point out that psychic occurrences do not have any direct relation to being otherkin. Some otherkin get them, and many do not, much like the general human population.  It seems to be a common misconception that otherkin have special powers above and beyond ordinary people. 

You should also note that this site has a rule against making extraordinary claims without being able to back them up. The previously mentioned misconception has caused quite a few disruptions on other sites I've been on. There are many other sites out there dedicated to psychic phenomena, but it's not a main area of focus on this one. 

If you want to go ahead and make a full account to talk about being a dragonkin, we would be happy to have you around. 



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Time reversing is not one that I've heard of. Feeling like time is passing faster or slower is not a very uncommon situation as human minds are flexible like that.
I can see where that impression might come from.  If you're stuck in a really boring class or business meeting, working a job you hate, etc. It can lead to the impression that time is not only slowing down but actually going backwards.  Boredom can play with your head like that.

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