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❤♡ Kintype and otherkin memes thread ♡❤


Well-known member
Hello! ^-^ Are you a meme queen/king looking for relatable otherkin/therian memes? Well so am I! So drop some in the comments! Alternatively, drop animal memes in general that people of your or someone else's kintype can relate too! I'll start!

Me when I awakened: 

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The angelkin community is like the king of quality memes and ridiculous drama, if I do say so myself. Fallen angel memes take the cake for me, though.

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Not the funniest but very relatable.  Here you go.

side note, wouldn’t this thread make more sense under the “fun and games” section?



I just really love when people can't tell coyotes from dogs or wolves, honestly...sy3iquz7yesz.jpg

(That's actually a joke but, with what I've seen of people thinking coyotes are dogs and trying to get them in their car irl...I wouldn't doubt if someone tried)



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Why is the meme thread buried??


Alternative titles: 

When you behave normally in public VS having a rogue mental shift in public (for us with...less than 'civilized' kintypes)