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Let's all get to know each other better! Drop 5 fun facts about yourself!

@Demonicspinejuice I am an avid practicer and teacher of the astral plane, and one of the many important rules is to shield your mind and body from all spirits that you deem any bit of suspicious, for names have great power in hold of the inner soul. Alaphraxxas is my mate and astral guardian from my true life, so that is why I trust him greatly, so do not worry, I know much about the unknowns of the astral plane, for I have also written a master post on tumblr about the dangers, benefits, and knowledge about what the astral plane actually is. Fear not, ^.=.^
i was actually trying to warn you about giving out Alaphraxxas's name because i've heard of people trying to harm spirits before. 


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@Demonicspinejuice I see what you’re saying, however Alaphraxxas is a powerful being, that will curse any mortal or entity that even tries to throw shade at him, so I wouldn’t worry about him being harmed. He is incredibly intelligent, and knows how to deal with people.... not that anyone could reach him either way!



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I guess I haven't done this one yet. 

1. I've been around the otherkin community, for what, twelve years? I started on a yahoo angelkin list (I'm not angelkin but there are a lot of similarities), then was on OKP (otherkin phenomena), then OKA (otherkin alliance) and breezed through Werelist and Trueform Within right before it went kaput.

2. My online name used to be Motley, a name I stole from my dog, who was a Catahoula. 

3. I probably started the whole "shard" thing. It was somewhat inspired by The Dark Crystal since the crystal shard was the same shape as the big crystal it came from. How my actual kintype works is much weirder than that. I don't fully understand it myself. I just needed a simple way to explain it to people. 

4. If you ask me about Tai Chi I will talk your ears off. 

5. I'm genderfluid, can shift to either side, but often default to the masculine side of androgynous. Currently on T and still trying to get finances in order for top surgery. 



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Alright why not?

1. I'm on the autism spectrum. I was almost diagnosed at age 7 but my parents didn't believe the doctor because I didn't hit every stereotype and so I wasn't diagnosed.

2. My Halloween costume an animal every year until tenth grade. Funnily enough, one Halloween I dressed up as a fox and another time I went as a raven, both before I even knew what a therian was. Not that that means much; I went as a cyborg space cat one year and I'm definitely not one of those. (And it was a red fox anyways.)

3. I'm a college freshman majoring in sociology and I'm thinking I might want to do some kind of disability theory and/or activism.

4. I have Brian David Gilbert's rejected Old Bay jingle near-constantly stuck in my head. (I'm joking, of course. Kind of.)

5. I'm Jewish! Ethnically, and soon to be culturally and religiously (I'm converting in an effort to reconnect with my heritage). My family on my mom's side is  almost 100% Jewish and we used to celebrate Passover when I was a kid before my mom apparently decided that that wasn't American enough.



Some random facts about me!!

1. I am polykin, and proud ❤️

2. My most dominant kintype is arctic wolf 

3. I am pulling myself and life back together! I found someone I truly love

4. I am terrified of needles

5. I am a tulpamancer 

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1. I'm incredibly awkward 

2. I'm polykin, my kintypes being winged wolf and seal. 

3.  I am a tulpamancer

4.  I'm a maladaptive daydreamer (though I've slowly been getting better at controlling this.) 

5. I've been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and ADHD

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1: I feel the need to 'justify' most of my feelings or positions. Example: I 'justify' being a Wolverine living among humans by being 'domesticated.'

2: I'm a trans girl and I know waaaayyy too much about hormones and their effects for gender transition despite not being a doctor.

3: I've had alter-human sensations and thoughts since I was probably 9, but was successfully barred from the internet to learn what these meant. Only recently realized I was a part of 'those wacky otherkins'

4: I can't focus. At all. Probably have ADHD, but I can't afford the meds to treat it, not to mention I know they turn me into a boring zombie so I probably wouldn't take them even if I could afford them.

5: I've been trying to learn to draw since I was about 15 but wasn't able to because I was doing it wrong. Been trying to do's excersises lately, please excuse the shilling 😛


Deleted member 55098

1: I have schizotypal personality disorder, which is sometimes considered to be on the schizophrenia spectrum. In that sense, I'm on the very mild end of things, but I have experienced hallucinations (but I rarely have more than very minor delusions). I also have a lot of depression and anxiety, and chronic pain. (I'm chronically ill, but so far, I don't have a diagnosis.)

2: I have a weird intolerance/allergy to oranges. I get sick if I eat them. At the same time, I love the taste of oranges. It sucks.

3: I periodically binge watch tons of videos on a specific game on Youtube. Currently, I'm watching pretty much every analysis of the game Pathologic on Youtube. Other games I've done this with are Doki Doki Literature Club, Undertale, and Terraria. (Usually, these games have horror elements, and I binge videos because I will probably never play them firsthand. I'll buy the games anyway to support the devs though, even if I 100% know I'll never play the game personally.)

4: I've won NaNoWriMo every year since 2012. I started that year partially because I thought I couldn't be a "real writer" if I couldn't even win it (I was a very sad and hurt teenager) and partially because if the world was actually going to end, I wanted to at least achieve one thing before I did so. I said to myself that if I didn't win, I'd give up my dream of being a writer. Now, I know how superficial (and how much of a bad idea) it was, but I still enjoy taking part in it every year.

5: I am an eclectic Pagan and a witch. I loosely follow the wheel of the year, but that's the extent of influence from Neo-Wicca in my practice. Above all, I follow my intuition; if anything, whether it be a deity, belief, or a practice, doesn't resonate with me, I will probably still analyze it to see if there is anything in it that does resonate with me, or if there's a weak resonance that I didn't notice. But even if someone swears it's the Absolute Truth (tm), if it doesn't resonate with me, I won't follow it, no matter how much others insist I'm making a mistake. So far, my intuition has yet to betray me, but multiple people who swore they were objectively correct on subjective matters have.



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I'm up to 11 at the moment! 
28 for me

1. I have schizophrenia, bipolar depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, GI problems and Aspergers autism

2. My favorite food is sushi but I'm unable to eat it anymore

3. I'm Christian but my best friend and sweetheart is Pagan

4. I hate holidays especially 4th of July because fireworks give me anxiety

5. Food is my aesthetic and I want to collect realistic food plushes, blankets and anything food related



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Haven't posted since page one but I'll continue:

5. I like to eat my candy cold- it started with chocolate and gummies

6. I like talking about deep spiritual stuff, the challenge and engagement is nice..civil debates intrigue me and always have.

7. I'm kind of obsessed (really!) with comparative morphology of types of animals and/or breeds of different domestic species, animal colors for unknown reasons (kind of unknown). But I want nothing to really do with working with animals. It has, however helped me with learning about my zhuard kintype which I am deeply appreciative of. 

8. I have like five physical journals- all different topics. They help me cope with stuff and I find it very therapeutic. But I often think about what will happen to them after I pass. (grim but it crosses my mind waaay to often. 

I can't think of 9 or 10, guess I'm boring. 

1.) ehhh not exactly fun but I'm ftm trans

2.) I love photography but I'm not great at it

3.) I like making dragon tails with scalemail

4.) I can play the Mii channel theme song on the ukulele

5.) I'll sometimes make super duper simple animations but I never post them anywhere because I stop liking the ideas before I finish it, or I lose motivation,



1. I have 3 adorable budgies

2. I love to write (but it's also hard so bleh)

3. I have never had a boyfriend (rip me ;^;)

4. I'm the youngest in my family

5. I'm a wolf but my default mode is being lazy >.<



  1. I am a pantheist pagan and witch and have been practicing since 2008.  I have a patron deity who I have worked with for nearly a decade, and declared my patron in January of 2018.
  2. I am a nonbinary trans person.  Began my physical transition in July 2018, and got a tattoo on that day to commemorate it.
  3. I have generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, PTSD, and was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder after originally being misdiagnosed with chronic depression.
  4. My favorite thing in the world is writing.  I did NaNoWriMo this year after a decade long break from participating in it and won, so I'm very happy.
  5. I just began exploring otherheartedness and otherkin this year.  I am otherhearted for sure, but I'm still exploring if I am otherkin or not.


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1- My birthday is December 26th. I was originally supposed to be born December 25th. I was actually born on 26th, around 4AM and was born with partial hearing loss and not cleft palate but something similar where my tongue would not stay down and it had to be trained to stay down. Due to my hearing loss, which I have hearing now but it goes out every now-and-then, and my tongue, I actually have speech problems and stutter a lot and have heaviness in words and speak a bit loudly. I was deaf for about 9 months and my tongue was trained for about 6 months. My tongue still tends to go up every now-and-then, just like my hearing tries going out. Which makes me talk with a slur and ask what constantly. I'm not trying to not listen or mock people, I just, hearing and tongue effected me for life practically.

2- I'm in a relationship of going on of two years now.

3- I'm Transgender Pansexual (female to male/FtM).

4- I'm very observant and quiet and terrified of people naturally (surprisingly I wasn't scared of 1 person who is now my boyfriend).

5- I love every animal despite me being a big fluffy Arctic Wolf and try to get along with them too. Even Vampires. And I try humans, but it's hard.



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1: I love ansering questions about myself! (*cough cought* shameless grill and ama advertisement *cough cough*

2: I happen to be on the ASD spectrum, which makes irl social stuff very hard, but im trying!

3: Im half asleep and might not remember posting this

4: I have way to many dragons on Flight Rising

5: I want to learn magick but I lack motivation



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Let's seee... This kind of games is not really my thing but I'll try.

1. I don't like to stay too long in my house. I need to get out regularly, especially in winter.

2. But I'm actually VERY lazy.

3. I'm unable to cook. Unless you want that I destroy entirely your kitchen. You'll get an okay dish and no more kitchen.

3B. Generally, I'm a clumsy disaster.

4. I have ADHD.

5. I like erotic stuff (I even write them) but I'm actually somewhere on the ace spectrum, it seems. I'm still questioning about this tho.



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1. I got my nickname Freddie because I had an obsession with fnaf!!!!!!

2. Ive had a pet butterfly before!

3. I have a furby obsession >.<

4. I don't really have a style, I just kinda wear what I think looks cute!

5. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Christmas!!!!!!!!!🎄



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1. I am Hispanic( though yes, I am white in skin color)

2. I want spiders as pets one day

3. Everyone is almost always talking about me at school, because I am weird to the fullest

4. I have to now come out 3 times to anyone I meet: Lesbian Demisexual, Therian, and Age regressor

5. I am a big dreamer, and have always believed in 'true love' and soulmates



1. i love reading tarot, both as a form of therapy and a form of divination.

2. i'm an infj, which is apparently a rarer type.

3. i love horror, silent hill is one of my all time favorite game series next to the elder scrolls.

4. in the future i plan to train service and therapy dogs.

5. i don't feel like myself if i wear colorful things, i'm always in black in white, but my favorite colors are pink and purple.



1. I was born awakened to my draconity and have always believed myself to be a dragon. 
I remember when I was really little to believe "I was secretly a dragon". 

2. I learned about draconity and otherkin in 2007 and finally felt belonging to what others had considered "weird"
I was bullied a lot for my "animal side" behavior. My bullies learnt when you mess with the dragon, you get the teeth. 

3. I moved from the US to Canada in 2016 for college and graduated with a degree in Illustration and Concept Art.
Currently I do freelance art commissions or my own personal pieces. 

4. I've been a reptile hobbyist for over 10 years and currently keep 17 lizards and snakes.
My dream is to one day run an educational reptile sanctuary. 

5. I practice my own spirituality but consider myself an Atheist, hence Spiritual Atheist. I believe in spirits and an astral plane, 
but not in god(s), deities, or any such being of a "higher power"