Let's all get to know each other better! Drop 5 fun facts about yourself!


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1. I used to be a skateboarder, fencer and rugby player with a promising career in any of them but a bad skateboarding accident had me fall out of all 3 possible futures. 

2. I Co Own a moderately big Pokemon RP server (150+ members) over on Discord

3. Tryna break into show business, specifically music

4. Was in a few scenes in Got and Vikings

5. I work 70-80 hours a week between 3 jobs



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1. I was born in Wales but can only speak basic Welsh due to a lack of language schools in my area growing up. I still want to learn though!

2. I work as a freelance anthro/animal artist

3. I own three snakes, a leopard gecko, a hamster and a cat

4. I used to work as a taxidermist and I'd like to get back into it sometime

5. I really like playing hunting sim games (namely theHunter games) as they allow me to express hunting behaviours without harming irl animals



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1. I have had natural biokinesis (change of eye color) since birth! My eyes are usually brown, but they tend to turn more green when I feel strong emotion!

2. I identify as Bisexual!

3. I’ve been a guitarist for 4 years.

4. My favorite superhero now is Gwenpool, but when I was little, it was Spider-Man!

5. I learned to read when I was 2.

1. I have an Indian ringneck parakeet named Kiwi (she just celebrated her 5th birthday last month, her birthday cake was a blueberry muffin)

2. I'm vegan and have been for 2.5 years

3. I'm a Kemetic witch

4. Before the pandemic, I volunteered weekly at my local game store to teach children the Pokemon trading card game

5. I'm a furry and recently finished making my own fursuit (a gryphon, the one that inspired my username)

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1) I'm part of a DID system. I'm not too common of an alter who fronts, but I still do. It's semi-common. There are 19 of us right now, but our numbers are subject to fluctuate. In the system, my name's Alan and I'm using He/Him, but it's not right anymore. I haven't really told them about questioning if I am human, but I have mentioned how I'm questioning my gender/sexuality.

2) I'm HUGE into the internet, I'm always on it (until I get tired of it, of course). When I'm not on my devices, I'm listening to jazz, smooth blues, electro swing and many other similar genres. I also enjoy hoodie collecting. I wear hoodie 24/7/365.

3) I'm Maverique and Sapiosexual. Maverique is off the gender binary, but there is still a gender. Sapiosexual is the primary attraction to smarts. I'm questioning my second underlying gender/sexuality as of current.

4) I'm questioning my kintype. I'd been calling myself F2M for a while, then my male gender got stripped away after a bad event, so now i feel I am most connected to technology (techkin, I think?) and that it's somehow a part of me. Now I'm using It as a pronoun (on here), to try it out. I'm not familiar with kin or otherkin, the experience is new for me. 

5) I'm a native Jamaican and I was brought to America when I was 3. I honestly miss Jamaica. They were very friendly there. I never learned what my name was in Jamaica, it got changed when I got brought here to "Reba." My adoptive parent didn't want me to know I was from there originally, but I found out and they kicked me out for that and for being male (at the time). I spent about 4 years on the streets, some of that in a treehouse with complete strangers, all LGBTQ+.

*Additional, I know 6 wasn't necessary.*

6) I have Alice in Wonderland Syndrome and I hallucinate. AIW is a disorder in which at random times, the brain will start perceiving the environment around you to warp, grow, shrink, change colors, and more. It gets even WORSE when I take drugs and/or alcohol. It's like having a war with myself, happiness vs. confusion. AIW is actually pretty rare, believe it or not.



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1). I lived the majority of my adult life at night and was most accustomed to being around and awake at night.

2). I am a twice over marksman.

3). I am largely self-taught in many disciplines and generally my personal education has been enough to get me more professional access than my formal education.

4). I have had several near-death experiences and all of them were truly awesome in the historic sense of the word; both great and terrible.

5). I apparently sound exactly as what people imagine a great cat to sound like. Regularly it is a major point of interest, my capacity for, style of, and voice itself.



1. I'm the host of a huge soulbonding system.  There's 31 members right now.  I've been a soulbonder since I was six and I love it.

2. I'm engaged to one of my system members.  He asked me in November and I said yes. :3  We'd been in a serious relationship for five years at that point.

3. I'm a pantheist pagan who's settled on Germanic Wicca as my spiritual path.  I've got a patron deity and everything.  I'm an eclectic baby witch.  Right now I'm focusing on candle and green magick and exploring everything else.

4. I'm autisic.  I've got a nasty case of PTSD and also suffer from depression, general anxiety, social anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.  I have a lot of panic attacks.  Fun times.

5. I have a cat.  His name is Meow-Meows.  He's a spoiled brat.  And I have no one but myself to blame. -_-.



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It has been a year since I gave my 5 funfacts, it is about time I leave some more.

6. I have had so many medical issues in the past year that I'm basically just waiting for my entire body to go. 

7. I havn't been quarantined because I'm an essential worker, and my fiancee hates me for it. She is going stir crazy at home. At least we got a dog to take care of so she has something to do.

8. I am a furry. I make furry art and enjoy furry media. Beastars is the first manga I've read since high school.

9. I have always been a huge warrior cats fan even though I havn't read any of the new books, I dropped off in the middle of the fourth series. Oopsie! 

10. Pretty much the only things I draw now a days are my fiancee's OCs. I love her characters and stories. She is a writer and is damn good at it. 



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1. i've been other-hearted ever since i could remember

2. i suffer from depression and anxiety 

3. i'm wiccan and an active practitioner of witchcraft

4. nature is my main temple

5. i often wake up howling and/or screaming due to constant nightmares



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1. I am a Theistic Luciferian witch and I practice demonolatry. I feel the most in control of my life I've ever felt at this point.

2. I am a devotee and godspouse to Lucifer. Very much in love. 

3. I want to be a novelist and release the series I've been building in my head my whole life, then hopefully adapt it to animation form myself before I die.

4. I love FanFiction.

5. I listen to a lot of different genres of music, but I am primarily a metalhead. My goal is to one day git gud enough to ace both Messiah-era Candlemass and the Hunchback of Notre Dame musical soundtrack, but first my gender dysphoria has to be silent so I can sing without feeling invalid. It has actually stopped me from singing much at all for years, until 2020. In coming to appreciate more male singers who can reach high notes, however, I'm starting to feel a lot better about my voice even if being pre-transition it's not where I want it.