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Let's Celebrate Pride Month!


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Part of the LGBTQIA+ community? Post about your pride e.g. what part of LGBTQIA+ are you, are you in the closet, when did you find out and how, and accompany it with a picture/gif to celebrate your pride!!!

For Example:
LGBTQIA!!! I'm bisexual and in the closet (only my BFF knows) and I realised I might be at the end of last year when I had a crush on a female fictional character and fully came to terms with it about a week ago when I realised I had a crush on a boy at my school!

Finna Alsvartr

Wolf-Mermaid-Demon Thing
Pansexual Pride
Ayo, Mav here. I'm pansexual and very open about it. Parents support and I support my family back. My little sister, for example, is bi and her partner recently came out as genderfluid (which I think makes my sister pan but I haven't explained that yet). I have known for years, ever since I crushed on an AFAB who identified for a long time as female, until they decided they were an enby and went transmasc. My feelings toward them did not change even a little bit so that's when I knew.
Pride Lgbt GIF by Kampania Przeciw Homofobii

I am also genderfluid. Very closeted about that. My siblings and a few VERY close friends know. However, my parents do not seem supportive of that. My dad, specifically, who seems to think that people around my age (teenage years) coming out as trans is a fad. That they're just doing it because it's cool. I have questioned this for several years, ever since learning about it through the book Symptoms of Being Human. I recently came out here as genderflux female, but I do believe I am fluid now.

Human Rights Pride GIF by Jon Hanlan


I am Genderfluid and Bisexual!. Fortunelty I am out of the closet and pretty much everyone in my life supports me!:grntg: I came out about a year ago and changed my name so thats cool. I set up the university parade with a few close friends so that was a fun experience! Happy Pride Month!




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Genderfluid Pride
Nonbinary genderfluid here. I tend to default to the masculine side of androgynous, but can swing either way from there, but almost never to the extreme on either side. Romantically, I tend to end up with transwomen. I'm not sure what orientation you'd call that, or maybe it's just a type. Otherwise I'd say I'm bisexual or pan. I also have a stable, long term polyamorous thing going on, though my girl friend is long distance.

As far as transitioning goes, I've had top surgery, am on a low dose T regimen, and have had voice training, although I don't practice that as much as I should. My singing is slowly getting better and I can sing along with things that were clearly out of my range before.

Here's a pic of a bracelet I bought recently:

I know the pink side is usually up, but the whole point of being fluid is that I can pick which side is up on any given day.


Ello I’m a closeted abrosexual! (Actually only my fam has no idea) I found out because I would shift from straight to pansexual and I could never find one that fitted.
I also am agender I think. Also closeted. Only a few friends know. Idk I haven’t really found a gender identity that fits perfectly. I am questioning gender fluid but idk I’m just a genderless blob.

Might be genderhoard/gendercollector/hoardgender

~happy pride 🏳️‍🌈


Heyo! I am FTM transgender and bisexual! I’m still currently closeted, but I’m planning on coming out very soon :).

I realized that I was trans when I was 11 and bisexual when I was 12, I was in denial for a while before being able to accept myself. And I’m proud of who I am.


Happy pride month to everyone!! 🌈🌈


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Bisexual Pride
Asexual Pride
Transgender Pride
I'm asexual and biromantic. I knew I was asexual at like 12 or 13, and that hasn't changed. I don't experience sexual attraction, but I do experience aesthetic attraction. There's nothing inherently romantic about that attraction for me, but I would likely end up feeling that for a partner.

I like this flag:

I'm also slightly aromantic. So demi or gray aro. I had one crush when I was twelve, and I learned that when I do fall in love it is pretty strong. Romance usually doesn't appeal to me, but it depends. I've always had a hard time understanding how people can fall in love with those they have just met... Or haven't even talked to. I don't understand having romantic feelings for someone just because you have sexual feelings for them. If you want to be my partner you have to be my friend first, and probably for a few years. Interestingly, I fell for my crush pretty fast. She became a close friend within about a week, because she was so warm and welcoming.

I am also transgender. I am nonbinary. The word that fits the best is trans-masculine. I don't know if demiboy is quite right. It's like boy... but also not. Also nothingness. I still call myself FTM for convenience, and it doesn't feel super wrong. I have nonbinary dysphoria, which is an interesting experience. At age 15 I realized I was nonbinary. What happened was that I realized that I have gender dysphoria. I later realized that I'm trans masculine when I looked in the mirror and saw some faint facial hair, and it made me feel better. I actually don't want facial hair, but I like having it right now because it eases my dysphoria.

I prefer the transgender flag, but the nonbinary flag also works.

I believe that my nonbinary gender is tied to being an angel, because that's what my dysphoria reflects. So in a way it's nonbinary and species dysphoria at once.

I'm doing HRT currently. I've been on T since Nov. 31st of 2019. I take the cream, because I have a fear of needles. People still mistake me for a girl when I wear a mask. It has to be my hair (which isn't that long???) and soft facial features.

I am out (not entirely on purpose) to most of my family (which is very big). I have three trans siblings. One is a gay trans man, and the others are sapphic trans women. This is a weird coincidence.

My family is accepting, but not all of them understand. I got lucky, because I thought the responses I'd get from my extended family would be poor.


I'm a chaosgender polygender finromantic panromantic asexual!

Chaosgender: my gender is chaotic, overly fluid, and hard to pin down. I'm also considering using novigender as another label to describe this!
Polygender: I have many genders, such as mufflegender, chaosgender, novigender, crossigen, rustlingleavesgender (made that one up meself UwU), and lots more!
Finromantic: I am attracted to femininity. If someone presents themself in a feminine way, it's possible for me to crush on them!
Panromantic: I can, very rarely, be attracted to someone who is not feminine. I also am attracted to femininity regardless of gender!
Asexual: I do not experience sexual attraction!