Let's help each other learn other languages!

There is a site that is completely free and allows you to learn another language and help others learn your native language! I think this is an amazing idea! Here is the site.

If you did sign up, what language would you pick? I picked Spanish because my brother in law and his family speak it. If I can learn it from this site, I may then learn how to speak French next.

Hmm, I might have to check this site out. I'm already on duolingo, learning Irish, but it couldn't hurt to multi task. Next on my list is probably French. A friend of mine is moving to France after she's completed her studies, and it would be nice to visit her and explore the country.


I think I'd love to lean Japanese on there, I'll probably sign up when I have the chance, it's always been a language that's interested me and since I want to go on holiday there to see the beautiful scenery one day, it'd be useful to learn the basics. :)

I'm already (kind of) fluent in Swedish. Not great, but adequate.


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I wanna learn Japanese, and have progressed pretty far with other help, but I'd also like to learn Spanish, French, and Korean.


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I appreciate the share, @Spiritual Hunters. I'm always looking for new resources to help with my studies. I think I would choose to continue my Greek. Even though I have it down pretty well, I still like to use any resource I can. Especially things like online radio, which I will provide a link to below for anyone looking to touch up on or learn Greek. I'll definitely have to check this website out and look it over.

On a side note, Effective Language Learning Through Books, Audio, Apps, Online Courses and Tutors | Living Language is a pretty good resource. They have demos, but the courses you have to ultimately pay for. Which, I didn't mind. Bought a year. Wasn't that much of a stretch. I have their Greek and Russian programs. The Russian program being the physical copy. Honestly, I enjoyed it more than Rosetta Stone. So if you have the money to spare, they're worth investigating.

Here's the online radio I mentioned earlier, E-Radio.gr - The Hellenic Radio Portal . Personally, I think this website is neat. Every station I've tuned into so far has been free. And it's excellent to hear the language being spoken. I'm not sure if that website has anything but Greek, as I have never looked. But for anyone aspiring to learn the language I hope this helps!
Ah, I'm taking Japanese next year! MAYBE doubling up, but we'll see. I want to squeeze Art II into my schedule, that's the only way I can get into AP Art, and it'll look great on my college application, but other languages are always a good thing to have.