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Let's make this interesting...

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    May 16, 2015
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    We all know who I am, I'm Mirath. I like that name.

    Uh, so, it's quite a long story, one that my parents saw as an unhealthy obsession with the game Legendary, which was created in 2008 and centred around the myth of Pandora's Box. Happy to know it also had a graphic novel released alongside it, although the novel varies from the game in many ways. I also own the soundtrack, which I probably drove my parents mad listening to so often.

    So, after the realisation of the term hitting me like a ton of bricks, I'm fiction-hearted with Charles Deckard.

    It's weird just writing that.

    He was a silent protagonist, and as it was a first person shooter cutscenes were my best friend. But funny, when I imagine or write, I can envision a voice so clear in my head.
    I also think it's where my love of blondes came from...

    Anyway, my admiration/fascination/whateverthehellthisis trickled into any further story, any further male character I could put myself into. Traits, ability, to some extent occupation. All went in through my writing at some point.

    Now, out of five years of my life (three of IGCSEs and two of college), I have met one person who's played the game.
    He barely played it... I completed it three times...

    ... Man, I could go on and on and on, but this isn't the place. And it's really hard to go into as much detail as I want when I'm unsure if people even know what I'm talking about heh.

    As I said in discord, I did get heavily into writing a sequel for the game (around sixteen chapters of around 3,000 words each), but because I co-wrote it with my ex at the time, and I was 17/18, I cringe every time I get reminded of my story. But I'd gladly start again in a heartbeat.