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Magic Duels.

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  1. Paniczoure

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    May 4, 2016
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    As you may know, Magic Duels is Magic: The Gathering, but for PC.
    Honestly, I haven't played Magic Duels, but I have played MtG for a good amount of time. (But just the really, really casual way. XD)
    I would like to know what they way you play. Professionally, casual, very casual.
    And what kind of modes, if possible.

    Personally I play really casual. :wolfwhistle: Just for fun!
    My favorite elements are black and red.
    (My Steam account is in the Account! Thread.)
  2. Quxyun

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    Nov 7, 2015
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    As someone who has played the card game competitively, (with varying degrees of success, XD), I don't like the game. I find that the limited card pool makes things a bit difficult to fully allow the creativity of the deckbuilder to flourish, and while that card pool may be expanding, it will take a while before it meets my standards. I also think that the technical play of the game is somewhat lacking.

    In Magic Online, which is like Magic Duel's older, crusty, valedictorian cousin, it gives you much more of a sense of how the game works on a functional level, while sacrificing the faster paced feeling of the game. Visualizing the stack really helped me improve my technical play, and allowed me to play at the level that I do today. Combine that with the fact that it has a much larger card pool, and it's just the better game in my opinion. (Although it takes a bit of cash to get started on it, which is a bit of a put-off).

    Overall, I don't like the game. You don't really get the option of different formats, (Pauper, Commander, Tiny Leaders, etcetera), and the technical aspect isn't as rigid. (I prefer actually seeing a stack of triggers and abilities resolving, rather than a bunch of lines pointing every which way). And again, limited card pool stifles creativity, and metagames get stale.

    I've stepped away from playing competitively, mostly because the standard format was becoming degenerate, (Eldrazi, Bant collected company, etcetera), but also because it falls prey to one of the things that I complained about earlier, limited card pool. Modern and vintage, however, are great fun, because generally you can find cards that can make almost anything work, and if you can't then it's probably not a deck worth building in the first place. Legacy is pricey, and the meta is "I win by turn two or I don't win at all" it seems like. I prefer playing commander. No limited card pool, deckbuilding is highly creative and influenced by the person building it, and it is a lot more casual. Yeah, you can pull off degenerate wins, but the politics of a multiplayer game of commander frown upon that, preferring a longer game in which you grind your opponents out of resources slowly.

    Although in truth, I really love playing gimmick decks. I am the worst sort of person, because my ideal sort of deck is a long and convoluted, albeit interactive, combo to do something on the same level of give my opponent a door to nothingness and coercing them to use it on themselves. Like, drawing 150 cards a turn is fun, doing it again the next turn gets a bit dull. Making my opponents swap decks mid game, "Hey, you know that one deck in your bag, yeah, get that one out. You are now playing goat tribal, because death wish, congregate, hive mind, and mindslaver say so". Making my opponent's throw their expensive cards around while I steal their stuff? Fun.

    My favorite colors are blue and red, maybe with a bit of black tossed in, just for that Grixis funtimes, but mostly Izzet shenanigans.
  3. Jesus

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    May 4, 2016
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    I play casual, but by tournament rules usually (though there are three house rules we occasionally used, but we used them in all play formats we played and I will mention them later). I've played in sanctioned Standard tournaments, but was woefully unprepared. I've also played Two-Headed Giant with as many as 6 teams (those get really fun), non-team mutliplayer games with as many as 10-12 people (also gets really fun, especially when playing in our "Polite" format), Commander/EDH, and sealed draft. My old playgroup also created two homebrew rule formats we dubbed "Polite"; one for 1v1 and one for multiple people. We've also done 1v2 and 1v3 handicap matches (the team side operates under Two-Headed Giant rules while the single player is restricted to 1v1 rules) and Two-Headed Giant with multiple teams where one team is only one person.

    The three house rules are "scrysies" (if you haven't been able to do anything for several turns because of bad draws you're allowed one free scry 1 per game with subsequent "scrysies" for continued bad draws at your opponent's discretion (who may require you to show your hand)), a mulligan rule where you are only allowed to mulligan twice and only for having less than two lands in hand (must show your hand to prove it) but you don't have to draw less cards for each mulligan, and we still use mana burn.

    My favorite color to play is blue but I've rarely ever built mono blue. My favorite color combo is Blue/Black.

    I've been playing Magic Duels for a couple weeks now.
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    I agree on all these points, though I do like Magic Duels because I just like playing Magic XD

    I also love playing gimmicks, one of my favs being the Bearer of The Heavens loop (which I actually pulled off and won two games in a sanctioned Standard tournament)... my other favs are Death and Taxes and lockdowns
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