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Major Update (07/18/2015)

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Jul 18, 2015.

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    We have introduced yet another update to the site, yay! This is a relatively major update that fixes many bugs, improves security, and adds a wealth of new features to the site. We have updated the core Xenforo software which powers the site to latest version, and we have added some extra tweaks as well. Without further delay, the following features are included with the update:
    • Thread tagging has arrived. You now have the ability to tag threads, similar to systems such as Tumblr. Tags are searchable too!
    • Two-Factor Authentication has been added. This is a security feature that makes it difficult for a malicious individual to access your account, even if they have figured out your password. This works using the popular Google Authenticator or Authy apps available for pretty much all mobile platforms. Other implementations of the TOTP protocol (including those for the desktop) are also supported for this purpose. If you can't use TOTP for whatever reason, we also support two-factor authentication by sending a login confirmation email, like Steam Guard! It's extremely easy to setup, and is highly recommended. If you wish, you can set it up here.
    • The profile post system has been improved. It is now possible to like and report profile comments. It is also now possible to search for profile posts and profile comments, just as with any other content. This makes it a much more useful social networking feature.
    • We now have the ability to alert users in more efficient ways, prevent users from accidentally triggering security controls, and more. This makes your experience on Kinmunity much more enjoyable.
    • The chat system has been updated. The system will now display users who have entered the chatroom in the userlist, even if they haven't spoken. We feel this will encourage more activity, because users don't like entering a seemingly empty chat and nobody wants to be the first one to talk.
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