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Major Updates (07/29/16)

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Jul 29, 2016.

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    Yup, it's update time again! This is one of our bigger updates!

    • We have a new default skin. We renamed our old default skin to "Dark Seascape" and changed the background of it. Our new default skin is titled "Smoky Mountains". This was due to the fact there were numerous visual issues with the old default skin.
      • The new skin has many features that you'll notice throughout the site, Background Key holders will be able to change the entire look of the skin using the new KM Styler.
      • The new skin is mobile friendly; mobile users can finally browse the site comfortably. If you tilt your phone into landscape mode, mobile forum descriptions will appear! Mobile users rejoice!
    • We have added three new philters. The first of the three are available to everyone to purchase with bones. The last two can only be purchased by current VIP subscribers. These philters are animated, and at the time of making this post, I am currently using one so you can see it for yourself as an example.
    • The KinCash Shop has been updated; you can't accidentally sell back an item that has no buyback price, and you don't see the "configure" option on non-configurable items anymore.
      • A bug involving inventory vanishing when set inactive has been fixed. No actual 'loss' of items occurred, and everyone effected by this bug can simply check their inventory and breathe a sigh of relief that their items are back.
    • Our library system has been completely overhauled, and will make writing, reading, and sharing articles easier. Multi-Paged articles are now a thing too. Yay.
    • We have removed the ability to feature trophies. As neat as the feature was, it meant another SQL query needed to be run per post when viewing posts, which slowed down viewing a thread unnecessarily. We know how much slow loading sucks, so we hope you'll forgive us!
    Coming Soon
    • Users will eventually be able to add content to the library without being an Elder, provided the article is approved by a staff member after submission.
    • Users will be able to securely trade items purchased from the KinCash shop for bones and/or other items. (think: Steam)
    • Trading Card items, each with a special ability.
    • We know Kinmunity can't be everything to everybody. We also know some people like to participate on multiple forums and sites. We know our resources forum is a bit lacking, but not for long! We intend to replace it with a full fledged lresources directory including features like:
      • The ability to like, rate, and comment on links.
      • Automatic thumbnail generation (When you submit a link, a screenshot of the site you submitted will be generated and displayed with it!)
      • Automated removal of 'dead' links. Links can also be reported manually as not working for staff review.
      • ... and more!
    • We're bringing back our eHowls! We used to hold live gatherings in our Discord server for the purposes of holding discussion and debate, as well as just general socializing. We'll be doing this again very soon!
    • PhilterFest - Contests, Philter Submissions, Discounted Bones, and more!
    That's all for now!
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