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Mania and identity?



If you are bipolar and have mania, and only identify as a certain kintype when you are manic/feel euphoric... Would that make it a psychological kintype? A copinglink? Something else?
Is this even the right place to ask this?



That would count as a recurrent cameo shift with coping/otherlinking elements, I'd say. A kintype should always be present to some extent, not just when you're having a manic episode. 

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Machairodont Felid
By purest understanding it would have the following implications. First is that if it only arises during manic episodes, it is purely psychological because it has an overt relation to that state of mind; it is born of the psyche and impacted by it. Second, because assuming that is true, it is most reasonably one of two things - either a coping link by the individual to express and channel their period of mania, or a subset of their core personality that is amplified to a state of notable difference during mania, rendering it a typical theriotype. Third, while obviously triggered in this instance by an episode, this does not negate it being a spiritual element, however, that does not mean it should serve as an excuse to give in to an episode. One can, really perhaps should, rationalize an altered state of being during a manic period as say, an expression of self, all while recognizing it needs to be kept in control and balance as with anything else. It should not serve as an excuse or vice versa, even if one believes that is them or knows that to be them, the true self. This is more or less the same sentiment as not using a theriotype or therian beliefs system to excuse any sort of behavior or go without receiving proper treatment, say by professional counseling or regimented medication.