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Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Jul 10, 2016.

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    We would like to take the time to thank everybody who entered into Kinmunity's first media contest. We received a ton of entries and it was quite enjoyable to look through them all. This contest would have been nearly impossible to judge if it wasn't for everybody helping by voting due to all of the high quality entries. Without further delay, here are the winners:

    • Grand Prize: @Ruko, Dragons of the Chat. [view entry]
      • Lifetime Gold VIP Subscription + Ƀ10,800.00 Bones + Digital Trophy.
    • 2nd Prize: @Kyuubi, KinUnity. [view entry]
      • Lifetime Silver VIP Subscription + Ƀ5,000.00 Bones.
    • 3rd Prize: @Khnum, The Anonymous Dragon. [view entry]
      • Ƀ2,000.00 bones.
    • Honorable Mention: @Grey, Mememunity. [view entry] (This entry was voted 2nd place by users, but could not win because it was a staff member's submission)
      • Ƀ500 bones.
    Prizes have been distributed to the winners. We look forward to hosting more contests in the future and thank all of our participants!

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