Merry Christmas!


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It's christmas here in Sweden so Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have an awesome day and get very nice presents (if that's the way you celebrate it).

It will be a busy day, I will eat christmas breakfast at my moms place and then I will visit my dad for a while and then I will visit my mom again because my sister will be there, in between I will have to go home and care for my dog.


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Here in Poland, we get gifts on Christmas Eve. They go under the Christmas tree and we're allowed to open them as soon as we finish eating Christmas dinner. I've already got mine, and they're pretty nice :)

Thanks for the wishes, everyone!
6 hours until Christmas here in Mexico!

I like the meal but fireworks are nasty .... ( and let's not talk about New Year's Eve or the 16th of September )

Here in Mexico we get turkey and tamales with beans since it is different in Xochimilco. I am spending it with family ( and my cats )