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Metakka's Tarot Readings



I wasn't sure where exactly to put this. I figure I'd put it here. I'm bored and in need of practice to keep my skills sharp. If anyone would like a tarot reading, I'm happy to do one! I'm doing these for free but tipping me in bones or giving feedback is appreciated if you want to. Here's a list of things I won't read on:

  1. Legal issues
  2. Medical issues/pregnancy
  3. Questions about kin stuff instead of doing the introspection that you should be doing
  4. Questions that invade another person's privacy
I have four slots open for this. To reserve one, reply below. You can include your question with the reply or you can PM it to me if you aren't comfortable including the question in reply. The spreads will be chosen on a case-by-case basis in context of the question. You can choose the deck, if you'd like. I have Tarot of Pagan Cats & Halloween Tarot (links have info on the decks + pics of the artwork). If neither calls to you, I'll choose either my main deck (Halloween) or just the deck I feel works best out of the two options. Here is a guide on asking good questions if you're unsure how to.



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I would like one! Forgive me for just copying straight out of the article you linked, but it really is something I am wondering about. 

"What has been blocking me in finding a new job, and how can I release these blockages?" - or however you see fit to formulate such a request.



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Hey hey, how about me? I thank you very much for this ahead of time.

I'd like to know why I'm here of all places. Is it by random, or was my soul given a job to do here before I can go back home?

Also, I like the cat cards. Just because I like cats.

Also, Im curious as to how this is done? Is it done through PMs or..?



@InkyDaily I am doing it by PM due to the possibly personal nature of the info that the cards spit out.

I have two slots left to get filled and then I'll get to all of the readings. If they don't get filled today, I'll do you and @Lou's readings tomorrow.

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Hi! Can I have a reading? I've been wondering this for a while, but I wanted to ask this: "What is my role in the astral realm, if there is any? Have I done anything noteworthy in there?"

You can choose whatever deck you want, none calls out to me for this!



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Hi I don't know if this is a good question I'm New to this sort of stuff can I ask a question like what my kin is  I'm all new to this pm me please