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Minor Updates (08/02/16)

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Aug 2, 2016.

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    Feature Additions
    • You can now trade items from the KinShop with other users. You can trade both items and bones. The system works similar to Steam’s trading system. You'll find the trade option within the KinShop drop-down menu.
    • Plural Systems can now define their members (and a custom color for their members) in their profile. This will be available when using the BBCode for Plural Systems. You may see here for an example.
    Bug Fixes
    • A few people were sent a "Feedback Reminder Alert" by KinBot. This message has been retracted, and the bug causing it to be sent has been fixed.
    • The background changer now works on all of our skins. The KM Styler currently works on "Smoky Mountains" and is not available for our older skins. These features are available for Background Key holders.
    Feature Removals
    • The old default skin was removed. It was setting itself to default on mobile devices, and causing all sorts of issues.

    More updates soon!
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