Movies that make you shifty?

Do you guys have any shows or movies that you like to watch when your shifty, or just like it because your kin is in it?
I personally love watching H2O, The Little Mermaid, and any ocean documentary. šŸ’™

Bad Moon, Dog Soldiers and Van HelsingĀ for the way the werewolves look, and An American Werewolf in London because of the vocalizations. Sadly thereā€™s no real media that portrays my wereself in an exact way outside of art.



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Any movie with the camera zooming through the air, especially in theaters where I can get the full effect of almost-flying. I also like sword fights.Ā 

I've seen two movies that have my other self in them, and they're both really bad movies. There's Gods of Egypt, which I refused to even watch after being told some of the ridiculous things they put in it. (Yes, that confessionĀ about being a fictionkin from there was posted on April 1st.) TheĀ other one is Immortal, which is another really bad movie and would definitely be disturbing to some people.Ā  (rape, gore, but not at the same time) Though I admit that I was amused by some of the humor in it. It's very artsy and French and wtf.Ā 

Splash was the movie that set off my mermaid phase when I was a kid. Those transformation scenes were neat. My polymorph side loves transformation scenes, including werewolf ones.Ā 

Strangely, I don't actually have any movie that come to my mind. I guess they usually don't make me that shifty. Dragon, a fantasy made reality does do the trick tho, documentaries work better on me, so a documentary on dragons? Score!Ā 

Mermaid feels: The Little Mermaid (Disney version), Splash, Mermaids: The Body Found and of course h2o. And like OP, ocean/sealife documentaries but especially in tropical waters. Moana gives me mermaid feels even though it doesn't involve mermaids.Ā 

Ape feels: any bonobo documentary pretty much or any footage of everyday life.Ā The new Planet Of The Apes films, when I saw them at the cinemas I had all over phantom shifts. I'm still a hugeĀ fan though I only watch them occasionally so I don't get bored of it. Disney's Tarzan really hits somewhere deep including the soundtrack, I also only watch it on occasion to keep it fresh.Ā 



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Wolf Children and Wolf's Rain are the two big ones for me.

Other than that, the Netflix show Hilda also kind of does it for me for some reason.Ā  And the James Cameron movie Avatar (the one with the blue aliens).Ā  Not sure why.

But neither of those work to quite the same extent.

EDIT:Ā  Just remembered.Ā  The Neverending Story kind of does it for me too.

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