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Multiple Kins?? Is that okay??


New member
Hello everyone! Apologies, I’m still getting my profile set up. 

I’m both otherkin and fictionkin. I was wondering if that’s normal or okay. 

I’m also kin with multiple characters, some even being from the same piece of fiction, but what I believe to be different realities an canons. I was also wondering if that’s normal or okay. 

I know that I’m for sure angel otherkin, (despite putting my main thing as fictionkin). I just want to know if I could possibly be faking everything else, despite feeling so strongly about them. Any answer is greatly appreciated. 



I think being both other kin and fiction kin is totally ok! I know a couple users on this site that are also both other kin and fiction kin 



Active member
Its okay to be otherkin and fictionkin. Its also okay to be kin of multiple characters from the same source. Everything you've said is totally okay and not unheard of. 



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Genderfluid Pride
Is it possible to have a lot of kintypes? Yes it is, and some people do.  

If you have a long list of types, are the more experienced otherkin going to look at your list and think "Are you really sure about all of those?" Also yes. 

A person might have had dozens of past lives, but not all of those are going to count, because not all of those are going to make enough of an impression to have an important effect on your current life. Some of them are like "I used to be that. It was interesting, but that's not me anymore." Then it's simply a past life, and not a kintype. 

Some people think that having memories is the ultimate test to see if something is a kintype, but it's not. Memory is extremely fallible. Sometimes you forget things that happened, and sometimes you remember things differently from how they happened, and sometimes you can "remember" things that never happened. Put someone in an awkward situation, ask them leading questions over and over and they'll confess to crimes they didn't commit. It's a known thing that happens.  Humans are terrible about remembering properly. If you become obsessed with a scenario, imagine it over and over, your mind will helpfully provide you with more details to flesh it out. 

If memories can't be trusted then what? You look at things that go deeper. Look at your long term habits and tendencies. What kind of person have you "always been?" What are the things you end up doing without thinking about them? If you tell it all to go away, which parts of it refuse to leave? If you stopped interacting with your canons for a couple years, would those types stick around?

Another suggestion is that when you have a lot of different types, look at where their attributes intersect. What things do they have in common? Could they be parts of something else? For example, I have a lot of types listed in my signature, but in truth they're all different aspects of the same thing. 

But ultimately, I can't read your mind, and I don't know how many kintypes you have. I don't know what kind of investment you've made into each of them. And no one else can decide those things for you. Don't worry about what is normal or ok and just be you. That's what the whole otherkin thing is about anyway, being yourself, whoever or whatever that may be. 


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If it's your truth than yes, it's more than okay. Despite what is considered 'the norm'. No one can take away your truth unless you are being dishonest with yourself.​