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Mute Forums and Threads

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I hope "mute" is the proper word to use here. Anyways, the idea is simple - if there is an individual thread or entire forum that you're personally uninterested in, you can "mute" it. This DOESN'T mean that you can't see or interact with the forum/thread - just that you won't see the little "new" icon next to it/see it bolded in the thread list. This would just be handy in getting to the threads/forums you wish to read about. I'd also use it for forums that are upadated constantly that I don't care to read for whatever reason.

(Also, I know there is a "mark as read" option, but it doesn't prevent the little "new" icon from popping up - it just gets rid of it. I want the ability to prevent them altogether, if possible!)
Not open for further replies.