Naia's Birthday & Donation Drive


As many of you probably know, my birthday is on June 18th. I intend to spend the day with my mate @NaomiG, as I am not fond of large parties and crowds. However, there is something that I would like from all of the lovely members of Kinmunity and that is donations towards the site. It is honestly one of my passions to work on Kinmunity, and while I don't post as often as some of our guardians and community managers, I consistently work on the back end adding new features and functionality to the site, many of which were suggested by our users. Kinmunity costs a decent amount of money to run (see here for cost info), and there are still many features I would like to add to the site. Some of these features include:

  • Categories system for clubs, sort out clubs based on interest, keep all the "pack" clubs in one area.
  • Pages for clubs, create your own custom pages with our WYSIWYG editor.
  • Advanced member search & profile discovery; find others like you.
  • Identity verification system; positively identify those who are known in the community, prevent troll impersonation.
  • Enhanced member cards.
  • Extensions to our Chat system.
Unfortunately, these things cost money to do. Please consider donating to Kinmunity to help us all attain these!

Click here to donate!

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