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Wild animals don't have human pronounceable names. If you were domesticated, you might have had one. But to answer your question, not really. Either it will come to you or it won't. 



Machairodont Felid
It has always been my experience and subsequently my understanding that us mundane animals do not have names that have any meaningful translation into human language. A good amount of it seems to be implied content from thr sources such as the specific tone or inflection of the call used to address one another, not so much the specific sound itself. This appears to keep in line with what is understood about signalling in species for the most part too; it isn't so much what is being said by members of a population to one another, it is how it is being said.

If a name does not come, as it is likely not to, a moniker or euphemism of some variety suffices for categorization if relevant. Red-in-Tooth was not and is not my name, for example, but for the purpose of portrayal and giving insight into me and my being in a medium as this it gets the concept across without being overly blunt.