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need some advice

I've been so happy the last month finally getting in touch with my animal instincs. How should I tell my parents about being nonhuman in a way they will understand.
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It depends. Some people will say not to tell them cause they may react badly. My mom was fine with it. I explained what otherkin was, then told her I was a catgirl. Then I had to explain what a catgirl was. If you think they will react badly, its prolly a good idea not to tell them. If you think they will react positively I would start by explaining what it means to be otherkin. Explain what it is first. Then if they're okay with that, explain that you identify as an animal and tell them what animal or animals you identify as.


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The general rule is to first, always ask oneself if it is worth risking a relationship with someone, especially those persons who have major influence or impact on and in life. This is parents, spouses or partners, siblings, or even one's own children when they are mature enough to appreciate what they are told and to take it seriously. The reason for this is because if one presents it the wrong way and or to the wrong person in their life who does not quite have that kind of understanding, it can sever that relationship for good or at the very least heavily damage it. So do be absolutely certain this is something that needs to be done, because if it is not, it generally is not worth risking it.

The easiest methods tend to be exploring conversations of spirituality with people, especially the idea of reincarnation and or spirit animals, often called "power animals" or "totem animals" despite those all being distinct things. People tend to be appreciative and understanding of reincarnation as a concept and it is very mainstream, especially if one enters into a dialogue about it and how they feel like they may have been some things in the past. Talking about it that way and how one feels they were maybe an animal in the karmic wheel of birth and rebirth and how it carries over. How one feels there is still echoes or bits of this past. Obviously the more one understands these religious and spiritual concepts the easier this comes; the same goes for spirit animals, that one feels they have this animal spirit at the core of their soul they rediscovered after repressing it.

"Otherkin" and "therian" are terms that need to be used careful, because unfortunately they have developed a stigma that really is hardly the fault of those who actually have those experiences. All too often are the words and ideas the butt of bad jokes. So if one wishes to use them, explain the relationship carefully and clearly, dispel misunderstandings with responses that address likely concerns. My recommendation would be to, first, give a personal explanation not the experience before and any point bringing up those terms. If those terms do not even need to be brought up, make no effort to do so.

Knowing and reading the conversation is key, as is being able to explain what the experience is like and to make it familiar to normal people who can accept it.