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Never have I ever


Active member
I think everyone knows how to play this but someone says what they have never done and the next person says yes / no and ask another question ...Never have I ever been to Disneyworld



Wandering Wolf
Staff member
Me neither... would love to one day, though! Actually one of my unrealistic dreams is to learn to pilot one, haha.

Never have I ever been to the US.



Wandering Wolf
Staff member
Nope... I've never even went on a night out. I'm too boring and introverted for that, aha.

Never have I ever rode a motorbike!



*goes fast*
Staff member
I have participated in two demonstrations. 

  1. I conducted a 1-person counter demonstration against transphobic Target Rebukers back in 2016; admittedly, I was not civil to them what so ever, but it got the point across and they left.
  2. I participated in a demonstration against the Church of Scientology in Tampa, FL. 
Never have I ever been out of my home country.



Astral skydancer
Staff member
Gold Donor
Yes, I've had two surgeries with general anaesthetic. Nothing dramatic. It's funny: one second you're in the operation room, next second you wake up in the wake-up room and in between... is nothing. No memory, no time, nothing. The real problem is the recovery afterwards. Had kinda hole in my back last time which they covered with a huge plaster... quite disturbing :biggrinderg:

Never have I ever personally met an otherkin.



New member
Yes, I've snorkelled around a shipwreck in Bermuda. It was incredible, definitely give it a go whenever you get the opportunity. 

Never have I ever lived outside the city.



New member
Yep, I live in the suburbs currently, but a long time ago kitten Snow lived out in the boonies. I really want to live in a big city for a while, I think it would be valuable experience for me.

Never have I ever have I gone movie-hopping. Like, when you go to see one movie, and then after that movie you sneak into another one.