New Rock or Old Rock?


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[PLURALSYS=color_hue=0;Phoenix]For those of you who listen to rock music I was wondering what you preferred more? Old rock or new rock? Also what bands/singers do you like to listen to?

For us we prefer a bit older rock and we enjoy Rob Zombie, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, koRn, Guns N' Roses, and many more.[/PLURALSYS]


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You put Korn on the old rock category? I feel old now.

Maynard is still one of my favorites, and Puscifer is just a fun name to bring up in conversation.

I read somewhere that classic rock will always sound better than whatever is playing today, because we don't play the boring B sides from the old stuff anymore. We only preserve and keep playing the songs that have stood the test of time. New rock hasn't had time for that kind of cherry picking yet.

Are the Kongos still considered new? I like them.

(Wobbles off with my sony walkman.)


I'm a big fan of a mixture of the classic rock and modern rock. I was brought up by parents who were both into rock music so I've literally been listening to it all my life!

Regarding classic/older rock: AC/DC, Heart, Guns n Roses, Bob Dylan, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Bruce Springsteen and of course Queen!

And regarding more modern rock and its many subgenres: Disturbed, Linkin Park, Korn, Hollywood Undead, Three Days Grace, Starset, Breaking Benjamin, Avenged Sevenfold, Famous Last Words, Skillet, Five Finger Death Punch, Rise Against, Thousand Foot Krutch and Shinedown. Oh ad Arca is a big fan of Bring Me The Horizon.

I know I'll have missed a good few names off, but I'd be here for years if I wrote down all the groups and singers I listen to, lol.


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Shezep said:
You put Korn on the old rock category? I feel old now.
[PLURALSYS=color_hue=0;Phoenix]Yeah, you're right, they are fairly new. I thought they were a bit older then I thought. I'm a ditz at times. Whoops. [/PLURALSYS]


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I like new music from old rock musicians/groups :)

Adrian Belew

Bill Nelson (Bebop Deluxe)

Nick Cave

Mike Oldfield

Peter Gabriel

The Reverend Horton Heat


Steve Tibbetts

Phil Manzanera

as well as "older" bands:

King Crimson



Oingo Boingo

Elvis Hitler

Talking Heads

Wall of Voodoo

Thomas Dolby

Kate Bush

Gary Numan


Ozric Tentacles

Pink Floyd

Blue Oyster Cult

As for how classic rock doesn't play B sides, I was never a listener of singles. In the present as in the past, I listen to whole albums at a time. I never use the shuffle function on my DAP. Too many cuts fade into the next, as well. That creates a jarring segue I can't stand. For the most part, I loved every single cut a band created. Nothing was 'boring' ;)
I listen to a mix of both, and agree that Puscifer is a fun name to toss around.

I used to be a lot more into harder rock music than I am these days. I think the heaviest band I listen to currently is Breaking Benjamin. Most of my favorite bands/musicians now fall more into "Pop Rock" with some "Folk Rock" thrown in.

Mostly Florence + the Machine, AFI, Bastille, Keane, Leonard Cohen, Fleetwood Mac, older U2, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Moody Blues, David Bowie, the Smiths, and the like.
As a person listen to both Old, and New, I find that some old rock is good, and some is bad. This goes for new stuff too. I'm a weir dperson, because I'm picky, but I'm also not picky. I've been buying some gear so I can write so Old-Styled rock songs, too! I love all music personally. <3