NO! Not that!

Your moving in with all of your friends (yes even your imaginary ones (I put that in here for me to so)) and your kins if you plural! Everyone has lotta stuff so you have to downsize! comment/reply what you refuse to get rid of here's mine:

Books, Manga, T.V, Game consoles, and games.


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Of course my invertabrate pets and the load of things I need for them.
Then books, crocheting items and the nerdy plushies I crochet, my plants, my pc with mouse, keyboard and both monitors as well as my working desk, my tools and electro-technic tools, my paper files with all the things one has to neatly store away like bank papers, papers from offices and applications and bills.
Also my typewriter, my bed and things like my toothbrush or showergel and shampoo and deo. Also my 2 favourite mugs and my clothes. And the box where I store my memorabilia. And my rocking chair! I love my rocking chair!
And things every household needs like pots, plates, dishes, cutlery, my coffee mashine, my coffee bean mill etc that is stored in the kitchen.

So it would just look very like my actual room here since I am sharing an apartment with 2 other humans because the apartments are pretty expensive where I live.
As many of my books possible (at least 30 of them) are coming with me, so are my last five recent journals and my current one.
I'm bringing my kindle, phone, headphones, a blanket, sketchbook, couple extra jackets, a heating pad, some snacks, my laptop, and several stuffed animals.