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We as therians and otherkin should all know that the very survival of our planet’s nature and environment should be something very important to take care of as much as possible! Glaciers have been melting, flooding has become more intense, hurricanes are coming earlier and later in season, wildfires have been rampant, humans are causing another mass extinction, carbon dioxide has been increasingly warming the planet, coral has been dying, landfills are only getting bigger, and so on! Multiple warnings from climate scientists have been ignored by the government however, and it seems it is up to we the people to take care of it now huh? There are many organizations and ways that we can protect the environment, and ensure its survival and prosperity, even if it is just a small step! The time is now to make a step, because a few years from now, we may have wished to try harder. First of all, the proof!...

Glaciers retreating and their effects on the climate and the world... https://www.usgs.gov/faqs/how-do-we-know-glaciers-are-shrinking?qt-news_science_products=0#qt-news_science_products

Fossil fuel effects on the atmosphere and global warming... https://www.climateactionreserve.org/resources/climate-change-facts/

The sixth mass extinction... https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/programs/biodiversity/elements_of_biodiversity/extinction_crisis/

Hurricane intensity over time... https://www.neefusa.org/nature/water/increased-hurricane-intensity

Our oceans in danger... https://nca2014.globalchange.gov/highlights/report-findings/oceans

With all of the evidence stacked up against the denying of climate change and the future of our planet, it still happens! There are ways we as citizens of the earth can do to help, it doesn’t have to cost money either! As for ways to help!.... ^.=.^

Ecosia is a search platform that makes money off of advertising, and uses that money to plant trees, including in areas where specific species of tree are endangered, and in deforested areas!... https://www.ecosia.org/

World Wildlife Fund is one of the world’s major climate conservation organizations that focuses on the most endangered elements of our planet, and including our precious endangered species! They have a huge database on climate science and information on endangered species!... https://www.worldwildlife.org/

Consider volunteering at your local wildlife center or animal shelter! Cleaning up litter from beaches, caring for forests, helping out animal rescue shelters, planting trees locally, and participating in recycling programs are all wonderful ways to spend time helping the world around you! ^.=.^ 🌳🌳🌳

Conserve energy! Turning off lights that you’re not using, using electronics and television less, not charging electronics too much, and not leaving your car running are all good and easy ways to conserve that energy! ^.=.^ 💡💡💡

Clean the water! Our oceans, rivers, and Great Lakes are all in danger from pollution and climate change! Maybe volunteering to clean out trash from bodies of water would help, however making sure trash doesn’t blow away in the wind also helps as well! ^.=.^ 🌊🌊🌊

Use reusable bags! Plastic bags are one of the main dangers to many marine species like sea turtles, fish, birds, and even crabs! Use less plastic bags by buying reusable bags and using them when you go to the grocery store or any other store really! ^.=.^ 🥬🥬🥬

Consider donating to places in crisis! With this coming summer, drought and wildfires can desperately hurt local communities, so maybe giving a small bit of change or spreading the word out to friends would be a major help to those in need during those critical times! ^.=.^ 🔥🔥🔥

Buy locally! Big companies are known for destroying and reaping the earth of it’s resources! If you don’t have the money to buy local goods, there’s no need or pressure too! However there’s just something so very wonderful about home grown goods and supporting a local family in need! ^.=.^ 🍏🍎🍏

Go out and appreciate nature! The world around us is very beautiful, and nature is very fragile and precious. Maybe go out and see the beauty that the world has to offer! Look at the sky, the ocean, your local tree, and even look below on the ground for critters! Sometimes we take the nature around us for granted, however it’s all very important in the big cycle of life. ^.=.^ ☀️☀️☀️

Of course, none of these are an obligation, however it would be wonderful to help the world around us the best we can! For those who wish to make a difference, these are all some of the many ways we can educate ourselves and care for the very nature around us! For too long much of humanity has been destroying the planet and it’s life force for the sake of “prosperity”, and it’s time some of us make this change!

What is your view on climate change? How can we stop the destruction of our planet by the rich together? Please tell me your thoughts below! Thanks for reading all! ^.=.^ 

~Lunastre 🐉🌌🤗

When I get a car, it's not going to be gas powered. I don't care what it looks like as long as it's an electric car. Also etsy is reducing its carbon emmissions on their deliveries. Another organization to check out is the World Wildlife Fund as they do stuff related to climate change. I also might plant some trees in my backyard and bike to places. It's healthy for you and the environment!

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Climate change is the most serious problem facing us at this time, and it is 100% our collective faults. I was raised to conserve energy and live as low impact as possible, and my tenure in the Boy Scouts of America doubled down on my respect toward nature. Even doing simple things like taking a shorter shower, or throwing the empty toilet paper tube in the recycle bin rather than the garbage can does so much to help the environment. However, as much as I like to think I'm making an impact, we need a cosmic shift in everyone's way of thinking to truly begin recovering this nosedive we are in. The oil companies need to wake up to and admit that they are the main cause. I'm baffled that not one oil company has thought that maybe taking the step to really look at methods and ways to scrub these greenhouse toxins from the air. It could potentially be a lucrative business they could move into once all the oil wells are sucked dry.

Okay, maybe I'm dreaming way to big dreams here. I don't know what, if anything can be done to stop this monster. I'm so baffled how people still can't see what is so clearly in front of them.

Gosh, just thinking about it always fills me with such existential dread. I hate it.



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I'm currently feeling outraged, sad, helpless, but also confirmed by the outcome of the 25th climate summit in Madrid. I believe my main task here on Earth is to learn & observe, and to draw conclusions about humanity. So I did. But I'm also a guardian and what happened today makes my heart break.

The summit has officially reached "an agreement", but it's not worth the paper and time. Fact is that despite all the enourmous public pressure, the overwhelming evidence from us scientists on man-made climate change, and the obvious dramatic effects, problems are still procrastinated, decisions are minimal, and actions are ineffective. Today, the summit - humanity - has failed in reaching an agreement on formulating a strong commitment to climate protection actions. There is no agreement at all on the important question of emission trading rights. Do I expect too much? Remember that the people at the summit are the best heads the species has to offer, the greatest experts, the world leaders. I daresay some of them are unworthy to lead. This whole event is unworthy.

It confirms what I've said earlier: at the end of the day, this species will fail. Badly, with potentially catastrophic effects. Yes, you may rightfully say there are many countries who are willing to change, many people who want to change. But then look at Germany. Our country was at the forefront of climate protection, yet was unable to meet its own goals set for 2020. Our transportation sector is still failing in generating less CO2. And the people who want a change - including me - can barely escape being part of the problem. I don't take planes when it's not needed, I don't travel privately, I use an electric car, I try to consume less, I eat less and less meat. I'm a professional scientist who tries to make electric energy systems fit for 100% renewables. I'm fighting for the environment all my life, yet I'm still more part of the problem than a solution to it. Being here makes me feel powerless.


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I know it's reviving a topic, but, well...

@Amber To be honest, I don't know what you expect from humanity. To leave their lives of luxury and go ascetic? Not gonna happen, not in a democratic society. If you look at the paths the governments are taking in regard to social engineering, you'll see that they aim to make the majority of society weaker psychologically, dependent on instant gratification, unable to make hard decisions. And that's because democracy is nothing other than a Leviathan - the tyranny of majority. Thus, if we consider that the majority is composed of decadent fools, we have to assume that the only way to make them compliant and keep them as good voters... is to satisfy their requirements. That's the backfire of the course their grandparents set upon.

If I read this correct, you propose humanity goes close to a 180 degree turn in terms of the direction it is going - to go for harder lives when every effort they've been taking so far was to make their lives easier. They won't. And even if those government officials saw the necessity, they also saw that it's a bit too late for drastic measures to be accepted by society. That would require a shift in power and reforming of governments - abandoning democracy in favor of an autocratic order. And a policy of no compromise - meeting the demonstrations of malcontents (who had their instant gratification umbilical cord cut) with deadly force, etc.. And that won't happen either. Bottom line - the majority of humans will never go along with any measure that has a "consume less" sign on it.

Personally, I think it'd be best if humanity focused their efforts on developing tech required for leaving Earth instead of trying to combat climate changes. Find a new home and leave Earth with "human population = 0" for a few thousand years. In my opinion, this species has already exceeded Earth's internal population sustainability - meaning Earth can't sustain such population in the long run, not without external influx of resources. It's brutal, since the new home would be treated just as badly at first, but it's about buying time, which I think humanity, if it stays here, doesn't have. It'd certainly be better than the drastic alternative, which consists of culling the population.



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I needed to review my own post for answering this... I've obviously been quite outraged at the summit's outcome, aye. You see, climate change is still a topic that's very, very close to my heart, @Seranvis. Not so much for humanity's sake anymore, but for the sake of all species on the planet. I know that life will go on and flourish again if we just wait a few millions of years - that's OK, but still it makes my heart sad to see species getting extinct by an artificial process introduced by mankind. It's the same as if the planet was hit by an asteroid - yes, the wounds will heal with time, but still it's sad.

As I've learned more about how society works, my expectations apparently changed. 25 years ago I was already helping to plan my school's photovoltaic system. Back then, I was enthusiastic and thought that a change could be made. But like many others after years of being in the business, I don't expect too much any more. Last year when the summit took place, I at least expected a very clear commitment to concrete climate protection action. There was a huge public expectation back then as well. What you say is quite right: a step back from luxury would be needed, at least partly. I don't think a full 180° turn is needed, but I'm not even sure about that. Ironically, the Corona crisis kinda forces such a step upon society - but you're quite right, nobody will do it voluntarily except a few enthusiasts. I think after the crisis is over, cheap energy will be needed, so oil will be burned and nobody will have the money to invest in more expensive clean technologies. Everybody will be trying to reestablish the previous way of living. That's what I expect right now.

Still I'd actually like humanity to step back, to get smaller, to live closer to nature, even limit their own propagation in a voluntary and controlled manner. On one side, I don't stop asking for that - so to say, it's my nature - but at the same time I know it's much too much to ask for, and too late also. Your bottom line seems to hit the nail on the head, and I've learned enough to understand that. Still it's a very sad learning. About your proposal, I ... don't think this will substantially contribute to saving humanity. There's just way to go for establishing even a small extraterrestrial settlement. Hence, today I don't really expect a change for the good anymore - I rather expect life to get harder, and human population to get diminished. Which is not at all a good prospect. It's hard to find a positive prospect in this. But after all, there might still be people on the planet in a few hundred years. What I still do today, trying to develop renewables, asking for a change... I guess that's something I do for those who remain. Maybe to establish a smaller, but sustainable population.

Your bottom line seems to hit the nail on the head, and I've learned enough to understand that.
Actually, now that I think of it, it was a bit exaggerated. Never say "never". They probably wouldn't go for it voluntarily, unless an evidence was presented - one that even a completely brainwashed idiot couldn't disbar as "opposition's propaganda". One in the shape of Earth itself speaking: "Ok, humans, you see this line? This is the PNR. If you cross it, you face extinction. And you're just about to."

About your proposal, I ... don't think this will substantially contribute to saving humanity. There's just way to go for establishing even a small extraterrestrial settlement.
Might be. Or might be not. I'm not a rocket scientist, nor a highly educated space hobbyist. However, judging by the pace of space development during the cold war, and its' pace now, I can't help but consider an option that either it's become a low priority task (end of arms race) or that it's being held back on purpose (fear of losing control - nobody wants a colony becoming a new superpower, like the US did 😄).

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The best things people could do for the planet is live with roomates, avoid consumerism, and only buy used.

if you limit your buying options to only used goods, you cut out manufacturing chemicals, international shipping and logistics, packaging, and other forms of pollution.

imagine.. buying a coffee maker at goodwill vs one from walmart.

now imagine if it was rare and uncommon for people to buy new things. it would save on landfill as well.

the other thing to save the planet is to strive to work at home or become self employed. the obvious answer is gas consumption and emissions, the smaller factor is reducing excess electricity via sustaining a workplace vs a home.

roomates also lower the price of housing, which lowers the amount you have to work, which lowers consumerism, which lowers emissions. voila!