On Triggers & Blacklists

Use of Kinmunity is governed by our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. These documents require that members "be respectful to all cultures, beliefs, and ideas." We do not use nor do we support the use of trigger lists, topical blacklists, kintype blacklists, named blacklists, or any similar concept. If a member repeatedly is discussing topics that make you uncomfortable, we trust you to handle this like a reasonable adult. This could mean:

  • Politely messaging the member and explaining what bothers you, and seeing if they are willing to accommodate you, within reason. A member is NOT required to do this. You'll get more flies with honey than you will with vinegar.
  • Using the "ignore" tools available to all members of Kinmunity so that you no longer see this member's post.
  • Taking a break from our site, if necessary, to prevent further exposure to triggers.
If a member is harassing you, intentionally triggering you, or otherwise behaving in a rude or aggressive way towards you, please report them to our staff team. Our goal is to make you feel safe and comfortable and this type of behavior is never okay. The reason we do not support blacklists or trigger lists is because they can alienate or discriminate against large groups of people simply to accommodate one member's discomfort, which we will not ever do.



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Thanks! I've been seeing a lot of "dni" lists but wasn't sure if they were against protocol or not. 
Members are free to put this on their profile and use it as a "I will block for these reasons", but it WILL NOT BE ENFORCED BY STAFF.

We will, however, take action against those actively circumventing blocks.

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I believe this is a great policy, and it does not inhibit the Freedom of Speech.  Thank you for making this site so welcoming.  I have just joined, but I look forward to working with you all and making community connections here in the days to come.

Riona O'Faoladh