Online games anyone?

I'm not talking MMORPGs. I'm talking Candy Crush, Farmville, pet adoption games, etc. What's your guilty pleasure? Which one do you splurge the occasional 99 cents on for more credits?

I've recently started playing a pet adoption game called Dragon Cave. You start out by stealing an egg from a Dragon's cave, or by finding an abandoned egg that someone has bred and didn't want. Then, you wait and get others to look at your eggs. The more views you have, the quicker it will hatch and mature. There are even hatchery sites specifically for people to post their eggs and get views. (here are my babies and eggs, in case anyone wants an idea of what they look like. The images will update as they grow and mature so you can continue to see them over the next week or so as they change.)

I also used to play a game called Vampires! The Dark Alleyway. You were a vampire who moved along, square by square, biting humans (and sometimes other vampires) in order to earn pints of blood. The more blood you had, the higher your ranking. Players would make families, lineages, guilds, and all kinds of fun groups that had message boards and groups all over. If anyone is interested in joining this game, feel free to click the link below. I promise it's not my biter link, and you will NOT become one of my progeny... I swear.... it's totally innocent. ;)

So, so any of you play similar games? What do you like about them? Do they have a good community?
I've played ChickenSmoothie (although not anymore) and Puzzles & Dragons (It's a mobile game. It's so addicting I deleted it and redownloaded it again). I think I might try Dragon Cave and Vampires sometime. They sound interesting.


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I play dragon cave! I've set a goal for myself to only get uncommon dragons and above, though I do have a few common ones. I managed to get a rare shimmerscale and a vampire though.

The only other online/multiplayer games I play are dino d day and minecraft. My laptop isn't good enough to run anything else.
@TheSolitaryGray - I've been looking at getting into Flight Rising. They're having an open signup period on July 20, so I'll probably hop in then.

@Dinocanid - Yay, another Dragon Cave fan. What's your username?

Hmmm, for some reason my incubator image isn't updating, and I can't find a way to edit the post. Here's what my Dragons look like now.

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Btw, how do you get the image thing like in your post?
Go under "account", "generate incubator", and make sure you click for it to be hosted on Imugr. :)

Hey, popping back in again on this one. I've joined Flight Rising and you can find me as (you guessed it) PerkyHedgewitch. Add me as a friend! :)
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I played Farmville a bit but it didn't really catch my attention. I've started playing Panic Room, which is a hidden object game that has a really neat storyline. I think I remember playing Vampire Wars too.


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I played Vampire Wars until it got taken down. Then I started playing Heroes of Camelot (a CCG game on my iPad - they've done something because it changed my cards...), and have recently gotten into playing League of Angels, and Dragonvale
Not embarrassing to a level, but My Singing Monsters is still me favorite game.

Also Geometry Dash, especially after Update 2.0 came out.

Oh yes, and I just joined Dragon Cave, here's my dragon:

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