Origins of your username


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What inspired your username? My one I use everywhere else is based on my love of chocolate and cats, and my old nickname I used on a previous forum referenced my jaguar Theriotype as well as my love for 80s synthwave aesthetic.

This might be a weird one, but my current nickname references a character from Prince of Egypt, specifically him, aha, although I changed the spelling.

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Velvet just feels very cat to me. It's a good descriptive word for feline in my mind.

I usually go by Velvet Wings, the wings referring to my phantom wings which aren't related to a kintype but are always around.



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Mine is kinda random. It actually comes from the scientific name of the great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, because I used to be (and... still kinda am) a big shark nerd! So yeah, it has nothing to do with otherkin - it's the username I use everywhere on the internet. I've had it for so long that I couldn't imagine using anything else! Well, except maybe "Rook", since that's my actual name, but that's always taken. >.>



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My username is based off my draconic name, Lunastre. The “draconis” part comes from my true draconic heart, and connection and leadership within the heart of the draconian lands back home. 

So LunastreDraconis ^.=.^ 🐉🐉🐉



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Mine is a combination of old usernames from old sites (Inkygears, TheDailyDemon)

and it seems to fit both my fictotype (being formed of ink) and how often I'm on the site



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The username I use on my Google account (And by extension, YouTube and everything else associated with Google) is Soaring Symphony.  That's because I used to be an obsessive Brony (a My Little Pony fan).  I went with a Pegasus as my Ponysona (that fandom's variation on fursonas).  So for the name, I had to come up with something related to flying, or the weather or anything in that ballpark.  In addition, I wanted it to reflect the fact that I'm a musician irl . . . hence "Soaring Symphony" (cause I like me some alliteration).  I've kinda fallen out of that fan-base in a past few years, but the old username had such a nice ring to it that I never bothered to change it.

As for my username here, "Curious Canine" is actually a slight variation of my username on other Kin-related sites "Curious Coyote".  It's difficult to change your Username on this site,, so I wanted to leave my username open ended enough that it wouldn't be a problem if I suddenly had a revelation about my kintype and it was some completely unrelated canine this whole time (pretty sure I'm a coyote though).  As for why it says 'Curious", that's because, as I said, I like the alliteration . . . so I needed an adjective that started with a  C.  I figured that "Curious" was as good a word as any, and fit me decently well.



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This is one of the two usernames that we use pretty much everywhere. It tends to be the social platform choice. Originally it was chosen because Link really wanted a user that was "him", and something as simple as "Link" wasn't going to get the point across consistently enough, so he wanted something with "Hylian" or "Hyrule" in it. Something like "Hero-of-Hyrule" would have been an option, but he just wanted a casual sounding name that fits who he is now as well, so it switches between "gay-hylian" and "gayHylian" depending on the platform.

Funnily enough, a lot of people on Overwatch read it as "gaylien" in chat, which is also fine.



My username is simple. There isn't anything really behind it but the fact that one of my fictotypes is Maria Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog and I'm fictionkin. I've been using it since... hmmm 2016 I think, when I started participating in the kin community.

Maria Robotnik + Fictionkin = MariaTheFictionkin



When I was 10 years old, I was into the original English dub for Sailor Moon. In the original English dub, Usagi's name was changed to Serena. To get "Lerena," I used the first letter of my legal first name and replaced the "S" in "Serena" with an "L," which became "Lerena." The name has stuck ever since I came up with it. To be honest, with the exception of my legal name, "Lerena" is the only name I have that seems to actually stick. It's a reliable name to use when introducing myself, because I won't feel the need to change it two months later.



Mika's just my online alias, haha. It came from an rp character I used to have, called Mikazuki, but that's kind of unwieldy so over time it got naturally shortened to Mika. It has the bonus points of being a Hebrew name, which happened totally by accident, but I'm pleased with that. My typical online alias is Mikaceous, which is a combination of my name + the word micaceous (of or pertaining to mica). 



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A long time ago I had a character on an RP forum that I ran with my then husband. Said character was a goddess named Adenostar. When I started (and never continued) writing about her losing her powers and becoming mortal, I gave her the nickname Addy. So thats where my username comes from. I used to go by another name in SBing circles, and decided I wanted a fresh start, so Addy it is.

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Well there is a dragon princess called 'Ember' in the My little pony franchise... I think I accidently saw that episode and liked the character. But I didn't remember the name right and thus ended up with Amber. Although I found that it doesn't relate to my blue color at all. But I still like the name just for the sound.

My "real" dragon name (well, let's say the name I actually think is "real") is different, though. I didn't tell it to anyone. If somebody is approaching me using that name, I'll be very aware of what they tell. I didn't hear it anywhere else, and it would just be too much of a coincidence.



I used to go by Sunny, but I have another friend who went by Sunny, so I changed it to my two fav. things, Sunflower and Bunny.

Then in Kin communities I go by Sunbie usually. So it works.



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When I was around twelve years old, I had an online friend that I used to roleplay with who had an arctic wolf character named Naia. This is the same friend who introduced me to Wolf's Rain, which triggered my awakening. This friend eventually allowed me to roleplay as the character, and I've used the name in some capacity since. When I came out as transgender, it was the first name that came to mind to identify myself with. 



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Shezep-shuty was the name given to me in the Kemetic Orthodoxy. Shezep translates from ancient Egyptian to "the bright white light of dawn." I've seen it mentioned in another book about Egypt, spelled shesep, referring to the color white, but in the sense of light. A white object would be "hedj" instead.  As for the other part, "shu" is feather and when you put "ty" on the end then there's two of them. The KO often references divined parents in the name, so with falcon-headed Heru-sa-Aset and Ra as my two fathers, there you get your two feathers. 

Ironically, I'm really not a morning person at all. Just that Ra seemed to enjoy giving me wake up calls whether I wanted them or not, and I also tended to play with white fire in the astral. 



I’m quite obsessed with Back to the Future/DeLoreans. I also go by Delozpinocity- a combination of DeLorean, Ozpin, and Velocity. Ozpin is my favorite character from RWBY, and I included velocity because I love physics class.



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My default username for pretty much all social media is a variation of Snowshoe! Snowshka, Snowshoe-cat, snowshoe-kitty, ext.  Snowshoes are a breed very close to my heart. My cat was a snowshoe cat. I grew up with him. I got him right after my 4th birthday, and he passed away a couple years ago now. Even before he passed I was using Snowshoe as my name, because it is the breed of cat I made my fursona based on. When he passed I stopped using the snowshoe design because it was a bit painful for me, but my fursona is pretty much back to her snowshoe glory now, with added tabby stripes! 



Mine's quite boring, and I don't remember it exactly so I'll just describe what I recall at the moment: I just needed a username for something and wanted to start using a name that was short and simple since I had been using a pretty long "outdated" username until that point, so my mind wandered and it went "I like the word 'bird,' I'd like to use that but since it's very common some people may already be called that, so how about I stick a random letter somewhere to make it more unique... 'u' looks good, I'm just gonna slap it here-"

I go by both "biurd" and "bhiurd" interchangeably, and "bhiurd" is a play on the previous but with a name I had decided to give my coyote theriotype at some point; "Hiu." My theriotype's name (which I no longer use but it's still a good reference to my theriotype to sorta tie my name and my otherkinity together) is literally just a typo one of my friends made and I liked it for some reason, and I realized I could easily combine "biurd" and "Hiu" just by adding the 'h' so.. that's what I did.