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Origins of your username


New member
I'm a part-time, jpop-styled performer and my stage name is Lillie! I eventually gave in to my darkest desires and made her persona an elf! Sooooo... I thought it'd be fitting lolol!


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Xenogender Pride
I always feel most at home in the winter, even though both of my kintypes are associated with heat. IDK, winter just feels right. My actual name is Azrail, but I just really liked the sound of Winter's Touch.


My username comes from the term for a kitsune (my kintype) that serves as a guardian and bringer of good fortune, which are attributes I’ve always strived for in my life. I actually learned about it from one of my past roommates who knew I was otherkin so I held onto it as a term of endearment.


Active member
Finally, I switched to a username that isn't just "witty adjective + kintype".

The reason I picked Timbrilsom as my username is because I see it as my true name. It's not the name on my birth certificate. But Timbrilsom is the name of my soul. It's the name I had before I ever even incarnated in a human body to begin with.

I can't explain how I managed to figure it out. One day, I just felt inspired to try to remember my true name and I trusted my gut on what felt right. It's a difficutl feeling to put into words, but when I say that name, it resonates with me in a way my legal name (or any online alias for that matter) never did.

So why is Timbrilsom my username? Because that's just my name. Period.

Water Horse

Active member
Aromantic Pride
I joined this forum with a very generic username "wildlife". I chose it because I don't really feel connected to any names. I have my legal name and my nicknames that people have given to me. I didn't want to choose a "community name" and then a few weeks later change it anyway because I didn't feel connected to it. Today I changed it to a more personal and fitting "Water Horse" which is a "title" I have been using for a while. It is a reference to my love for and connection to water and the obvious; that I am a hrose.


Active member
I had the name Arvax pop into my mind when I made my fandom account. Turns out it is the name of a skyrim character, which I did not know.


Mine is a reference to the 2003 Daredevil movie which I unironically love (yeah I know XD) plus the fact that I'm tas devil kin and angel kith it just makes sense.
Sasha is a nickname for Alex (my real name) and I adopted it and made my own surname (Aleyev) which worked for tiger.

In alliterative style of usernames, I chose Soothsayer, a word that is just Old English pronunciation for "truth sayer." (read truth as blunt!)


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Golden Shield
My current overall-internet username is pretty straightforward; I'm Rokko and I'm a kitsune (though for most of the places I have this username, I pass it off as a fursona thing).

Before this, the internet username I used on multiple sites was "MysteriousJeff" which was something I (well, my alters) came up as a teen, following the 'rules' of "don't give your real name online" that I grew up hearing a lot. (Also, this was before we came out as trans hence the masculine name). The name literally was chosen from a joke list one of us made of "'Super Mario Bros' but the adjective, name, and type of family relation switched out". I don't know for sure which alter for sure did this whole process, but likely Mystery since, that seems like the "Mysterious" part would've resonated with her, and I believe this was the period before Mystery & c/b split into separate alters. Technically, I still have this username on the few sites that don't let you change it or didn't bother going back to, when I was overall changing my username to my current one.

My YouTube username is "Combuskenisawesome", after c/b's favorite Pokémon, because the channel is mostly her doing. But also, as she's told me, because when YouTube just went online, she made an account with the MysteriousJeff username, but then forgot about it, lost the password, and the email she used for it. She then in 2008 started my current YouTube channel to find that "someone" had already claimed the name MysteriousJeff so she had to come up with an alternative. It was only a few years later she remembered she was the one who claimed the name in the first place, so thus, she had name squatted the name from herself. (You don't see that every day, ha ha.)


Literally just the name I go by in the community. I'm surprised this username wasn't taken on here lmao
Cinnamoncanine was the name of my old tumblr blog and it was called that because, well, I'm a canine, and also because I liked cinnamon


I was just laying in bed one day, and I thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if I had roses in my name?" and boom, here I am. My usual username went through a process though, first "___Vibes" then "___Time", then my current one, "____Roses". (I don't wanna share my full one because those are private accounts :> )


Active member
It's my true name. Timbrilsom was the name of my soul long before I was born into this human shell and it will continue to be long after I die. It doesn't matter to me what name is on my birth certificate. That's not my real name. That's just what everyone calls me. But I will always be Timbrilsom

As for how I know that, I was literally just sitting on my bed one day, contemplating life, when I suddenly just remembered it in a flash of insight. Then I asked Naia to change my username for me and the rest is history