Origins of your username

I'm a part-time, jpop-styled performer and my stage name is Lillie! I eventually gave in to my darkest desires and made her persona an elf! Sooooo... I thought it'd be fitting lolol!
I always feel most at home in the winter, even though both of my kintypes are associated with heat. IDK, winter just feels right. My actual name is Azrail, but I just really liked the sound of Winter's Touch.
What inspired your username? My one I use everywhere else is based on my love of chocolate and cats, and my old nickname I used on a previous forum referenced my jaguar Theriotype as well as my love for 80s synthwave aesthetic.

This might be a weird one, but my current nickname references a character from Prince of Egypt, specifically him, aha, although I changed the spelling.

My username is just a way for me to essentially encapsulate everything in terms of primarily being a shapeshifting being, which isn't specific to any single species or kintype. I like to imagine my username invokes a mental image of some cryptid creature, or thing, lurking in the woods.


My username comes from the term for a kitsune (my kintype) that serves as a guardian and bringer of good fortune, which are attributes I’ve always strived for in my life. I actually learned about it from one of my past roommates who knew I was otherkin so I held onto it as a term of endearment.


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Finally, I switched to a username that isn't just "witty adjective + kintype".

The reason I picked Timbrilsom as my username is because I see it as my true name. It's not the name on my birth certificate. But Timbrilsom is the name of my soul. It's the name I had before I ever even incarnated in a human body to begin with.

I can't explain how I managed to figure it out. One day, I just felt inspired to try to remember my true name and I trusted my gut on what felt right. It's a difficutl feeling to put into words, but when I say that name, it resonates with me in a way my legal name (or any online alias for that matter) never did.

So why is Timbrilsom my username? Because that's just my name. Period.

Water Horse

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I joined this forum with a very generic username "wildlife". I chose it because I don't really feel connected to any names. I have my legal name and my nicknames that people have given to me. I didn't want to choose a "community name" and then a few weeks later change it anyway because I didn't feel connected to it. Today I changed it to a more personal and fitting "Water Horse" which is a "title" I have been using for a while. It is a reference to my love for and connection to water and the obvious; that I am a hrose.


I had the name Arvax pop into my mind when I made my fandom account. Turns out it is the name of a skyrim character, which I did not know.