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Origins of your username


A wolf in human's clothing
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Sol does in fact mean sun. In Spanish, I know for sure. Maybe Latin?

My username is fairly simple. The Wolf part is fairly obvious, as that's my theriotype and the first kintype that awakened for me. Rowan has a multifaceted origin. I'm currently about 3 months out from being able to legally change my name, which is something I've been wanting to do for like 15 years now. (I shot myself in the foot when I moved, as the civil court system in this county requires you to have been a resident for a minimum of 12 months.) It comes from the tree. In earth-based magic from the British Isles, the Rowan tree is representative of magic. I'm not explaining the nuance of it well, as it isn't that simple, but that's the nutshell version in a nutshell. While I didn't end up choosing it as my first name, it is still a part of my name. And it felt like the most appropriate part to associate with this, as I'm spiritual kin.
I have another account on here that I can't access because I forgot which email and password I used for it. On that one, I was called "South_Claw". SouthClaw at the time was my chosen name when performing rituals, interacting with deities and spirits. "South" because that cardinal direction is associated with fire and hell, and "Claw" because, well, dragon. My current username is a variation of that. Southern still having the same meaning, but also an in-joke with myself that I live in the Southern part of the US. and Draconic because, well, dragon.


Depending on the Kanji used, Hanami can mean a few different things.

The hanami (flower viewing) season in Japan is when people go to see the cherry blossoms bloom - in this case, hana being "flower" and mi being "look" or "see." Flower is the meaning of hana that I prefer.

The "mi" in hanami can also mean ocean, pearl, depth, progress, fountain, beauty, etc. All of those seem great to me, but especially ocean.

So, that's why I'm going by Hanami. An ocean of flowers is exactly where I belong. 🌸


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Shadow Dog
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I got my [USERNAME[ changed to Unpredictable_day after settling with FoxyAnimations for awhile now. It's the name of one of my links, and since he's the one I been getting the most shifts from out of all my links, I went with him.


My username here is just because I go by Happy and am a goo.

Everywhere else, I go by "extratedustrial" which is a combination of "extraterrestrial," "industrial," and "Dustin" (my name at the time I came up with it). I chose these three because I wanted to have an alien theme (hence "extraterrestrial") mixed with steampunk elements (hence "industrial").

Akriel Parlaq

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Akriel was my name when I was an Alu-Fiend, and Parlaq is a tribute to a D&D character I loved, it means brightness or something in some random google translate language, my DM felt it was appropriate for me.