Otherkin but human?

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Hi, I am super new to the whole thing (new as in found some tumblr pages and that's about it) and was wondering:

Can your "otherkin self" (correct me if that's offensive to say) be still human? Because inside I know that I am a prince. I am of course not a prince in this reality but I feel like I was a prince before this life or am a royal in some other way.

Maybe my prince-like side is not otherkin, because it's not non-human? But fictionkins are otherkins and they can be human? Please, explain!

Thank you very much for responding! -James (he/they)

PS: If you have any sources to check out for research, feel free to direct me. 🙂



Wandering Wolf
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Hi, James! Welcome to the site!  :Wave:

So... all otherkin identify as non-human. That's part of the definition of otherkin.

Not all fictionkin are otherkin because of that - some are (e.g. someone who identified as a Tolkien elf would be both fictionkin and otherkin, because their fictotype is not human), but not all!

But, regardless of whether or not you are otherkin, you are still very much welcome to use the site and engage with the community! Don't be afraid to ask if you have any more questions~ c :

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