Otherkin Day on July 9th

I only just remembered that otherkin day was supposedly a thing for a while? I had to look up the date but I had posted about it on tumblr a few years back, learning about it from others on tumblr, and thought it was a great idea! I know it's only the middle of June but I'm a forgetful person and wanted to post about it here and see what others thought and if anyone else still celebrates otherkin day on July 9th!

Even on the therian wiki in the therian day post it says otherkin day is a thing

I personally would love to celebrate, maybe go to the lake or bike to the park and just chill. Sadly not much I can do right now as far as kin stuff goes, but I'll figure something out! Might post here later with more ideas :WolfBone:

Note: this ISN'T a pride day. Just a fun little holiday, an excuse to run around your house on all fours or hang out with kin friends (online or 6 feet apart of course)!



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Eh sure why not we might participate, I know there's a therian day so it would be nice to have a day for otherkin too.
I found my old tumblr post of ideas of things to do for therian day, if anyone's interested in reading! Could certainly be applied to otherkin :D My friend is working Thursday or I'd hang out with her for otherkin day. I'm thinking I'll just make a lil meal, like sushi or something and go eat at the park or somewhere outside just to chill and enjoy nature.

Anyone know any good werewolf/elf/general kin vibes movies or shows? Would love more stuff to watch with my bf!