Otherkin: non-living objects?

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Quick question here if anyone is on: can an otherkin technicly identify as a non-living thing? Like a chair or helicopter? Or is otherkin only the case for "living" beings?

as otherkin can be defined as "identifying as non-human" and doesn't necessarily speak about living or non-living..?

(I need to know for a vid 😛 )



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Yes it's certainly possible and would be classed as otherkin since objects are non-human.

Objectkin are subject to a lot of trolls, especially on social media and such, I suppose since people figure it's such an odd idea they make fun of it. But there are some serious objectkin around. Neve (who's mentioned in the threads Amber linked) used to be a member of the old KM and identified as objectkin. It's a shame his old posts are gone as he shared a lot of really interesting experiences and insights into his identity.

From a psychological view it's possible to identify as anything really, and from a spiritual view many people believe that objects can possess souls. I have a belief in animism personally.

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