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So this afternoon, I decided to go to my neighborhood creek.  Its sooo beautiful, and calm, and smelled so good! There is moss everywhere, with a stream about 6 1/2 feet wide, and runs down into a near by lake.  It was half sunny, and half cloudy, dew to the rain storm.... I have never really liked shoes, they always hurt my feet.  So I decided to take them off, and walk on the moss along the stream.  It was not too hot, or to cold it was just right.  I felt like home, like I was made to live there, like the woods was apart of me.  After an hour or so of listening to the stream, and nature's music, it started to slightly rain.  Not too hard or anything, and the sun was still out, so I did not really mind.  Now our creek stretches for about an achier, with twists and turns, then if you were to walk through the different parts of the streams, you would eventually reach the other side of the woods.  So I was sitting in a path of moss, and smelling the rain, when it hit me, "Could I be an otherkin of a forest animal? Like a fox, wolf or deer?"  now this is my question....  I don't know if this is more of a spirit animal thing or a otherkin thing.... can anyone help me out with this?  Thank-you in advance!!



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